How to cook pink salmon in the microwave?

How to cook pink salmon in the microwave?

  • Wash the pink salmon, peel it of bones, divide it into two halves, you can also peel the peel at will. Next, cut one of the halves of the carcass into small pieces, put in a dish for the microwave oven, put a layer of onion cut into rings on top, grease with sour cream or mayonnaise, salt to taste, put more pieces of pink salmon on top from another carcass, again onion in half rings and a little salt. Cover the saucepan and bake in the microwave for about 15 minutes at a power of about 800-900 watts.

    How to cook pink salmon in the microwave?

  • I cook pink salmon in the microwave very often, I like that there is no excess fat, no smell from oil or fish when frying them. It's easy to cook, I cut the pink salmon into pieces across the carcass, or cut the fillets into portions.


    Then I salt and pepper these pieces, and put them in a suitable dish, which I grease or pour in a little vegetable oil.

    And on top I sprinkle cheese, which I grate, if it is hard. Or you can take cheese in slices, such as Hochland or Amber and put each piece. And bake at 100% mode, seven or ten minutes, depending on the amount of fish. You can use it with cheese. put tomato slices.

  • the fastest and most common recipe: Cut the fish into pieces, put it in a plate, cut the onion there (I do it in half rings), add a spoonful of mayonnaise, mix, cover with a film or a lid and for 10 minutes in the microwave at full power (1100).

    How to cook pink salmon in the microwave?

Pink salmon in mayonnaise in the microwave

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