How to prepare 3 liters of bird cherry compote for the winter without sterilization?

How to prepare 3 liters of bird cherry compote for the winter without sterilization?

  • Like everything ingenious, it is simple, fast and without much effort. We take a third of the washed bird cherry berries for a three liter jar. Fill with boiling water, let stand for five minutes. Pour the resulting juice into a saucepan and boil again, add one cup of granulated sugar and re-fill the berries. We roll up the lids and turn over to check the tightness of the can. Such a compote must be allowed to brew for at least a month, so that the color and taste would be drawn from the berries and seeds. Such a compote costs for years.

  • Compote of bird cherry for the winter, sweet and fragrant - a wonderful preparation for the winter.

    Bird cherry is a very useful berry containing vitamins, it also contains ascorbic, malic and citric acids, rutin, anthocyanins, flavonoids, tannins.

    It is very useful for the stomach, normalizes the acid-base balance, can be used for fever, as a choleretic, anti-inflammatory.

    The berries of bird cherry in compote are very tasty, tart, dense, especially similar to cherries. You can also put other berries in the bird cherry compote - sea buckthorn, currants, rose hips, add a little citric acid for taste.

    The recipe for bird cherry compote is as follows:

    • bird cherry berries - one kilogram,
    • sugar - 300 grams,
    • water - 1,2 liters.

    The berries of the bird cherry are harsh and dense, and after they have been washed, it is necessary to blanch for two to three minutes. The berries must be whole and strong.

    Let the moisture drain from the berries after blanching, put it in a saucepan, pour in the sugar solution, boiling in water. Now let it brew for five hours. The berries will juice from the sugar, the water will turn ruby ​​color.

    After that, we transfer the berries to sterile and clean jars, pouring the syrup to bring them to a boil separately. Pour cherry berries in prepared three-liter jars with boiled hot syrup so that the liquid is on the edge, put on the lids, roll up tightly. Now you can save the bird cherry compote until winter and open it in the cool season, the aromatic drink will benefit.

    Bon appetit!

    Bird cherry compote

Bird cherry compote for the winter

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