How to cook lembas? Do you have a recipe?

How to cook lembas? Do you have a recipe?

  • The elves cherished the recipe for lembas breads most of all, so the original recipe is still unknown. But Tolkien fans are still trying to find a recipe. Here's one of the options:

    How to cook lembas? Do you have a recipe?

    As you can see, this recipe includes a large amount of dried fruits, which makes it not only satisfying, but also nutritious. In addition, it does not contain yeast, so it can be stored for much longer.

    Also, in my opinion, Georgian khachapuri is quite suitable for the definition of lembas. Indeed, half a cake and you are full for several hours.

  • Lembas or elven bread, mentioned by the famous Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, is prepared quite simply:

    • half a kilogram of flour;
    • 30 grams of yeast (elves used hops);
    • 1 tsp salt without a slide;
    • 200-250 gr. butter;
    • tablespoon of cinnamon;
    • 3 / 4 cup of sugar;
    • tablespoon honey;
    • 300-350 ml. milk.

    Bulk ingredients (including yeast) are mixed with each other, frozen butter crushed with a fork is added to them, then milk, sugar and honey are added. Not very steep dough is kneaded, which should settle for 30-50 minutes.

    After all the procedures, roll out the dough in a layer up to 1,5 cm thick and cut it into arbitrary figures (8-12 cm). We spread the figures on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and bake until light golden brown in the oven at a temperature of 190-200 gr.

    Elven bread, the bread of all fairytale travelers is ready!

    How to cook lembas? Do you have a recipe?

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