How to pickle trout?

How to pickle trout?

  • I don’t understand why many people write to remove scales. I don’t have to remove the scales from the fish for salting, it preserves the fat that is under the skin - the fish will be fatter.

    Salt I trout like this:

    Gut fish, if the trout is large I make an incision along the ridge from the inside. I rub the trout with large rock salt, wrap it in cotton fabric and put it in the fridge.

    After two or three days, the trout is ready to eat, especially delicious on a sandwich with butter.

    If you want the fish to be preserved for a long time and not be too salty, then after three days you should not put it in the freezer.

    How to pickle trout?

  • Fish can be salted with the skin, but if it is not gutted, then gut it. Next, we will need a basin or cup in which you place the trout fillet, then salt it, you can add some seasoning to taste, then put the load on top and leave for a few hours.

  • There are really quite a few ways of salting red fish, but it should be remembered that before salting the fish must also be properly cut, so that the fish salted quickly and well and did not interfere with the bones. The amount of salt, of course, each determines itself in accordance with their own preferences, but in general, the salting procedure looks like

    Small fish can be salted and so

  • Salting trout is very easy. You can buy a fish that has already been cut, that is, a fillet, but if you have your own catch, first rinse the fish, clean the cups, and the bones, leaving the fillets on the skin. Then either coat the fish with coarse salt or just fall asleep from all sides, the amount of salt depends on how much salty fish you want. Medium salt, usually a handful per fish. Next, clean or in a jar, or in the package and in the refrigerator. After hours 7 fish ready.

  • I cut the fish into fillets on the skin, then rub it with salt and sugar, put the container in the refrigerator for the night. The next day, the fillet can be cut and make sandwiches. Salt take on the eye, sugar is half. for example, two tablespoons of salt and one sugar.

  • Delicate pink-orange trout meat is less fatty than salmon meat. The fish can be salted with the skin, or overlaid in thin slices. I like the plates better. If you like spicy herbs, then they will be quite appropriate here for salting. In general, experiment with different additives until you achieve the optimal flavor combination for yourself. What you need for this: you can add herbs if you wish.

    1. trout one kilogram.
    2. coarse salt one Art. spoon
    3. sugar one article spoon
    4. tray
    5. cargo
      How to pickle trout?
  • Trout salt is similar to salmon, without any seasonings. She is very tasty without them. I buy more fillets on the skin or chop the whole on 2 fillets, leave the rest on the soup. I take a handful (not a pinch!) Of large sea salt in my palm and sprinkle both layers of fillet. Fold each other and in the package on a plate. I put in the fridge. I turn over 5-6-hours. Another 5 watch and fish with the true taste of fish, fat and melting in the mouth, is ready.

  • I salt very simply. I clean the fish from the scales, remove the bones, it turns out two bite fillets on the skin. I rub the trout with salt (you can take crayons, you can take large), I sprinkle some sugar. Leave at room temperature for several hours, then put it in the fridge. In the morning you can eat fish

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