How to make balyk from carrots: recipe

Balyk from carver can do not everyone. In this connection, we decided to dedicate this article to this culinary theme.

balyk from silver carp

General information about the fish dish

Before you tell us about how to prepare a balyk from a carvery (raw), you should tell what kind of dish it is. After all, not everyone tried it, let alone done it on its own.

Balyk is a dish, which is a salted, and then airy back of large fish. As a rule, such an appetizer is made of valuable species of marine and river inhabitants (for example, beluga, chum, stellate sturgeon, pink salmon and others). The silver carp, the photo of which is presented in this article, is also excellent for home-made balyk. Appetizer from it turns out very gentle, with pleasant specific aroma and taste.

It should also be noted that some producers of smoked meat called balyk and flesh along the spine of the animal. This is due to the visual similarity of the product with a real fish snack.

Balyk from silver carob: recipe for a fragrant snack

To make a real balyk at home, there is no need to acquire many spices and use expensive varieties of fish. You will only need:

  • carp a large fresh - about 3-5 kilograms;
  • salt of stone crushed - use on personal discretion.

balyk from carpenter's recipe

Selection and processing of large fish

Balyk from carp, the recipe of which we are considering, is very delicious and fragrant. Such a snack can be safely served to the festive table for alcoholic drinks. But before you prepare this dish, you should choose the right product. It should be as fresh and large as possible.

Acquired carp (the photo of the ready dried snack you can see below) should be cleaned from scales, then you should cut the belly and completely gut. It is highly recommended not to damage the gallbladder. Otherwise, the fish meat will be irretrievably spoiled.

After the ingredient has been cleared of the viscera, it is necessary to cut off all fins, tail and head from it. Next with a carver it is required to pull the skin and remove all the bones. As for the remaining pulp, it should be cut into pieces. And they should not be too small, since later the fish will languish in the open air and noticeably diminish in size.

The process of salting

How to make balyk from carver? To do this, you need to take a glass, ceramic or enameled container, and then lay the layers of processed fillets into it, alternating with crushed rock salt. After all components are in the tank, they should be covered with an ordinary smaller diameter dish, and then install a jar of water or some other load on it. In this form, the fish should be in the refrigerator for about a week. This time is enough to make the carp well salted.

how to make a balyk from silver carob

Process of drying the product

As it was said above, balyk from carp is a salted, and subsequently dried, snack, which has a tender consistency, pleasant taste and aroma. Once the fish is salted, it must be removed from the common container and soaked in cold (preferably spring or filtered) water. And the number of pieces should be taken as much as you plan to eat. The rest of the fillets in the salt can safely be placed back in the refrigerator. Keep in this form it is acceptable up to 3 weeks.

After the fish has soaked in water (for six to seven hours) and gets rid of some salt, it must be dried with paper towels and suspended in a ventilated room. A delicious and aromatic balyk from silver carp will be ready in about three or four days. If you want to get a more dried snack, then the drying time can be increased for another 1-2 days.

How should I properly serve the table?

Prepared balyk from carvery should be cut into thin pieces and put on a flat plate. In this form, the snack should immediately be presented to the guests.

balyk from silver carob cheese

If the dish is left after the feast, then it is recommended to wrap it with a food film and store it in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 days. By the way, some mistresses can not correctly calculate the number of snacks and make it too much. In this case balyk should be placed in a pouch and freeze. As needed, the fillet pieces can be obtained and thawed at room temperature.

Fish carp: recipes for cooking various dishes

If you purchased such a fish, but do not want to make a balyk out of it, then we offer several other recipes. For example, a smoked carvery or baked with potatoes and other vegetables is very tasty. About how to make the mentioned snack and a full-fledged hot dinner, we'll tell right now.

How to smoke a carver?

If you are a happy owner of a smoking chamber, then you can easily make delicious smoked fish at home. To do this you will need:

  • carp a large fresh - about five to seven kilograms;
  • granulated sugar - use at discretion;
  • salt of stone crushed - use at discretion.

Product Processing

How to cook a carvery delicious? To do this, it should be simply smoked. But before processing such a fish, it must be cleaned of scales, entrails, fins, remove the tail and head. Next, the carvery must be washed and cut into transverse pieces along with the skin.

carnation baked

Marinating the ingredient

That the smoked fish has turned out as much as possible tasty and fragrant, it should be pre-marinated. To do this, the processed pieces must be put in enamel or glassware, and then sprinkle with salt and sugar. Finally, the fish should be placed under pressure and kept in the refrigerator for about 3 days.

Carver carver

After the product is marinated, it must be soaked in cold water (for 3 hours) so that all excess salt is gone. If necessary, a snack can taste. Next, the pieces of fish should be placed on the skewer and placed in a well-ventilated room (you can over the fan). In this form, the carver must be dried for 72 hours.

The process of smoking fish

Having achieved a partial drying of carp, the pieces of fish are required to be placed in a smokehouse. The temperature in this device should not be higher than 30-35 degrees. The time for smoking snacks depends on your personal desire. So, some cooks keep the fish until they acquire a light golden color. Although you can cook it and get a light brown shade.

After the carver is fully ready, it must be removed, cooled and immediately presented to the table with bread. Enjoy your meal!

Bake fish in the oven

A silver carb, baked with vegetables, will serve as an excellent hot dish for any festive table. To see this, we propose to make such a dinner yourself. To do this, you need:

fish silver carp recipes

  • carp a little - on 1-2 kilogram;
  • medium potatoes - 4 pieces;
  • carrots and leeks - apply at discretion;
  • fresh lemon - 1 small;
  • Salt and other aromatic spices - apply at discretion;
  • mayonnaise is not very greasy - about 100 grams.

Preparation of ingredients

To make such a dish, you should process the fish and all vegetables one by one. First, you need to cleanse the scales, viscera, head and fins of the silver carp, and then wash it thoroughly and cut it into steaks (you can cut it in half). Next, you need to start preparing vegetables. They should be peeled and then cut into not very thick circles. With lemon, you must do the same.

Correct form the dish

After processing the ingredients, you should immediately begin to form a lunch. To do this, you must lubricate the pieces of fish with mayonnaise in advance, and also sprinkle them with salt and other spices. As for vegetables, they must be laid out on dense culinary foil in the following sequence: carrots, potatoes and leeks. Further the ingredients are to be sprinkled with salt and covered with a layer of fish pieces. In conclusion, it is recommended to lay thin slices of fresh lemon on a carver. After that, all the products should be wrapped in culinary foil and place the resulting package into a baking dish.

The process of heat treatment in the oven

After the dish is formed, it must be placed in a hot oven. Bake carp with vegetables is recommended for 45-48 minutes at a temperature of 210 degrees. In this short period of time, fish, potatoes, carrots and onions should be well prepared, soft and very tasty.

carpenter is delicious

Correctly we present to the festive table

The silver carp, baked with vegetables, is incredibly fragrant, delicate and delicious. After heat treatment, the dish should be removed from the oven, and then put on a plate. Serve ready dinner to the table is recommended together with slices of bread, as well as a lot of fresh greens.

To summarize

As you can see, carver can be cooked in different ways. Someone makes a balyk out of it, someone smokes, and someone bakes it in the oven with vegetables. Among other things, from such fish you can safely make rich soup, or you can fry it in a frying pan. In any case, dishes from fresh carp are very delicious, fragrant and satisfying.

If you decide to extinguish or fry such a product with oil, then it is recommended to serve it with a bowl of buckwheat porridge, boiled rice or mashed potatoes.

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Silver carp. The most delicious recipe.

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