What is the density of the salt?

What is the density of the salt?

  • If we are talking about an aqueous solution, then the density depends on the concentration.

    When it comes to solid salt, its density is 2,165 - 2,3 g / cm3

  • If you talk about the "density of salt", then you should keep in mind what exactly you mean by the word "salt". For me personally, salt is a class of compounds formed as a result of acid-base interactions. Therefore, for each species of this class, the density will be different due to the different chemical composition. If you mean table salt NaCl, then its density is approximately equal to 2.2 g / cm ^ 3... And yes, rightly noted about the aqueous solution. The higher the concentration, the greater the density, but up to a certain value - then the salt, instead of dissolving, will begin to precipitate due to the formation of a supersaturated solution

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