What are the recipes for freshly frozen pink salmon?

What are the recipes for freshly frozen pink salmon?

  • First of all, it needs to be completely defrosted, boiled with brine (for 1 a liter of water 100 g of salt,

    2-3 bay leaves, 7-8 black peppercorns) then cool the solution to room temperature and pour over the stavrids. The pickle should cover the fish completely. Day hold at room temperature, then store in the refrigerator.

  • Without defrosting in a double boiler, for 25 minutes.

    No salt + cilantro salad, lemon, fresh cucumbers.

    Add cranberry sauce (berries + dry wine bring to a boil).

    Serve on fresh lettuce leaves.

  • Defrost, spread and salt. The best mixing ratio for pickling is salt and sugar 2: 1. And nothing else is needed for red fish! Dip pieces of fish from all sides in this mixture, put in an enamel or glass dish. If you do it in the evening, you can eat in the morning, if you are afraid - in a day.

    salting of pink salmon

  • I have one recipe for any fresh-frozen fish.

    On 1 kg of fish I take 1 Art. l salt and as much sand.

    I cut up the fish, freeing them from bones (you can not do this, but simply cut them into small pieces), I fall asleep with salt and sand.

    I mix it well, let it stand on the table.

    Then put in the fridge.

    Sometimes I add vegetable oil, and sometimes I just leave it in the refrigerator until morning, and add oil later.

    The son begins to drag after 3 hours, and I am in the morning.

    The only exception I make for pink salmon - I do not defrost it completely, because it is more convenient to cut it until it is completely thawed - the slicing turns out to be more accurate.

    I do this because my home does not like store-salted fish.

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Very tasty baked pink salmon! SUPER!

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