Which ketchup is best to buy (the most delicious)? How to choose ketchup?

Which ketchup is best to buy (the most delicious)? How to choose ketchup?

  • Which ketchup is better?

    I used to buy "Chumak" ketchup, but then I decided to try something different, but so that it would be no worse - both in taste and in quality.

    First I tried Calve ketchup, I liked it, then I tried Heinz ketchup, I also liked it. When choosing, I paid attention that ketchup did not contain dyes, preservatives and starch. Neither in Calve, nor in Heinz this is nothing. Now I buy these brands.

  • My favorite "HAINS" Ketchup is generally normal!) Nothing deprives (neither the label nor the taste!)

  • I tried a lot of ketchups and there were a lot of very good ones. But for the last few years I have taken exclusively Heinz. No additives or preservatives. I also really like the Kuhmaster ketchups, especially the tkemal one.

  • Yeah, Ryaba Lecho's ketchup is very tasty. I also love Heinz is a classic.

  • I like Heinz ketchups (this is what they use at McDonads), we usually take the classic one in soft packaging. The only thing is that there is a bit too much vinegar in it, it is sour. The second option is Baltimore ketchup, I like Admiral ketchup with garlic. This is because of nostalgia, this is my taste of childhood. Baltimore ketchups are not bad quality though.

    Many others have tried, none particularly liked.

  • I want to say that the choice is on the composition and manufacturer. Ketchup is really quite a lot of different and difficult to choose. But the main thing is that everything is only natural, and the manufacturer is well-known, who is responsible for the quality. Heinz is really very good in this regard. And the brand is known, at the same time, the prices are not cheated, the composition is normal, the taste is the same. It has long been his choice.

  • If you get tired of ketchup, of course you will have to experiment again. But at the same time, you should certainly not take ketchup that is heterogeneous in appearance, too bright or dark brown, containing any inclusions. Ketchup must be free of fruit puree, vegetable puree, vinegar and starch on the label.

  • Ryaba Tomato Ketchup. It has a very natural and tasty sweetish taste, it is not liquid and is dark red in color.

    Adequate for the price, though there is one drawback - you will not find it in every store.

  • I choose "Neapolitan ketchup" from Calvet, at least there is no applesauce in the recipe. And so in most ketchups for some reason there is no aroma or taste of tomatoes. That is why sometimes, when I am not lazy, I buy good tomato paste and on its basis with peppers, cinnamon, cloves, and fresh minced onions and bell peppers I cook hot sauce "a La" ketchup.

    And now you can bother to cook mashed fresh tomatoes

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