Can you get poisoned with sour milk if you boil it?

Can you get poisoned with sour milk if you boil it?

  • Sour milk, unfortunately, cannot be boiled - it will instantly curdle. In sour milk, acidity increases due to the multiplication of microorganisms in it, when heated, the acidic environment of milk leads to protein folding and therefore it is impossible to boil sour milk. As you drank five-day milk, diarrhea occurred. Therefore, it is better to put such milk on pancakes or baked goods.

  • When boiling sour milk, no poisons are formed. But! Boiling sour milk curdles it into shreds and clumps of milk protein. It is not accepted to use them for food. Only if you ask the pigs.

  • Sour milk, which you boil, you will not be poisoned in any way, because after that you will get cottage cheese and whey at the exit, you eat cottage cheese, and you drink whey. And these are two independent products that can be obtained from sour milk.

    Both products are good for our body, there are vitamins in whey and minerals, and the same is true in cottage cheese, which will turn out to be tender and tasty.

    When you boil the sour milk, it will curdle and form these two products.

    But this is a troublesome activity in fact, and it is better to spend such milk on baking, you can cook wonderful pancakes or pancakes on it.

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  • You'd better knead the dough in sour milk and bake pancakes or pancakes from it. It is guaranteed not to get poisoned, but at the same time you will pamper yourself and your loved ones with a delicious delicacy in the heat, with the heat.

    For tea with them, and with honey, jam or sour cream, as you like.

  • Boiled sour milk can be poisoned.

    When boiling, you get cottage cheese, which is also unsuitable for food, it contains putrefactive substances. Do not eat milk or cottage cheese obtained as a result of heat treatment.

  • How can you, in general, be poisoned with sour milk, some specially drink, because they love and are useful. True, if the stomach is weak, it is not recommended. And, in general, sour milk is boiled to the state of curdled milk to get cottage cheese, something like that.

  • Sour milk has one way - to the sink

    Then poison your body?

    It is not known how the body will react to such milk.

    You can boil, but this is unlikely to help

    Better to buy fresh milk and drink to your health

  • If the milk is sour, you can make wonderful cottage cheese from it: just warm it up in a water bath or low heat. When curdling, the milk will form curd lumps. It will only need to be drained and held under pressure so that the excess serum comes out.

    If you boil sour milk - just bring it to a boil - the curd will be tough.

    In any case, cottage cheese and whey are formed, both products are good for the body.

    You can get poisoned only if there were various additives in the milk, which are stuffed by sellers to keep the product "fresh" for a longer time.

  • It is quite possible to get poisoned with sour milk if it has been stored for a long time. In this case, even boiling does not help. In the cottage cheese, which is obtained from such sour milk, toxins of putrefactive microorganisms and bacteria will remain. Fermented milk products are obtained due to the development of special bacteria stamps in milk. They don't live long. After their death, other bacteria and toxins accumulate in the products.

  • Most likely, you will not be able to poison yourself with sour milk for one very simple reason - you will not drink it after boiling! In the process of boiling, milk, which is sour, will surely curdle and I do not know how to want to drink it in order to decide on it!

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