Is it possible to freeze marinated meat?

Is it possible to freeze marinated meat?

  • We are constantly developing the same situation, when there remains a lot of kebab marinated meat.

    We always put it in the freezer and it’s been there for quite a while.

    But it is recommended to defrost only naturally without using a microwave.

    After defrosting, you can prepare a new marinade and keep it in it for a couple of three hours - then it will be softer.

  • Of course, you can freeze the marinated meat, however, its quality after freezing leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if you still decide to freeze the meat, then store it for a short time and use it immediately after defrosting.

  • YES, of course. But in the end it loses its etiquette properties. If you have a patam, you don't keep it for a long time ...

  • We tried it once - my family didn't like it - it was not a kebab - there was absolutely no taste, the meat became dry, it is not clear what happened. Since then, we either fry all the meat on the grill, and then simply heat it up, or simply fry it in a cast iron pot with the addition of various greens or with vegetables.

  • I would not want to freeze marinated meat on purpose, it cannot be compared to freshly marinated meat. If a situation has happened that the marinated meat needs to be frozen so that it does not disappear, this can really be done. The main thing is not to store it for a long time, but to use it within a week. You should not use any defrosting accelerators such as a microwave, let the meat thaw naturally. Then you can cook it in different ways - both as a shish kebab, barbecue or grill, and by frying in a pan or baking in the oven. The likelihood that a new dish of marinated meat will turn out delicious is quite high.

  • Marinated meat is not intended for long-term storage, let alone freezing. It is saturated with marinade, vinegar and other seasonings help to soften the fibers of the meat, their partial decomposition, so that it cooks faster. It's like freezing a cooked and seasoned meat salad "until better times".

  • Of course not. It after defrosting will be like a rag. And tasteless.

  • Frost pulls out all the moisture (juices) and the meat can actually become rubber during long-term storage, but you can put it in the freezer for one week. If you fry the meat in a natural way in a frying pan or in a cauldron, then remove the pickled onions (or it may stick to the bottom and burn and the meat will be rancid) and add fresh + greens and will be very tasty. Checked !!

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