Can I fry in Multivark? And what is your model?

Can I fry in Multivark? And what is your model?

  • Bake in a multivarker can be, if you have a multivarker with the function of frying, baking, but a ruddy crust, as in the oven does not work, it's in the multivark of the average price from 4000rub to 6000., But in more expensive models, it can and does, but with price 12000-14000руб.

  • to it is attached a brochure with recipes and there are recipes, as in the question. The models are offered everyones-grabbed a phillips for some kind of stock-does not disappoint, especially at the dacha, but there's always a pity for cooking.

  • I have a Philips HD 3033 multicooker with a frying function, its power is already 980 watts, so it fries very well, I am satisfied. In general, I use it both as a hob and as an oven, as a double boiler and a frying pan. And the price is quite affordable - 4000 rubles, but I bought it a year and a half ago.

  • I have two five-liter multivarks, in both of them I bake a whole chicken. The degree of frying of a chicken depends not on the price of a multi, but on its capacity and functional. I have Redmond M90 and Polaris 0520. Both I adore, although they are quite different. I cook in them everything, I almost do not fit the stove.

  • Of course you can and does not burn anything; there is a special mode for this. My polaris multicooker is very convenient

  • I have a multivark Philips. I really appreciate her. The frying function is there. It literally the other day roasted potatoes with onions and mushrooms in it. Mmm, fingers lick. And in general, a multivarker is very convenient and necessary thing. Buy, do not even think.

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