Do I need to pierce the roasting sleeve?

Do I need to pierce the roasting sleeve?

  • I do not pierce, because this is the whole idea, it is filled with air and our duck is perfectly baked. I take the sleeve and put the duck there, greased with spices and ginger, tie the sleeve on both sides and into the oven. And when the duck has already become with a brown crust, I cut the sleeve, put on the potatoes, cut it into large pieces, and put it in the oven for another 20 minutes. Yummy !!!

  • The roasting sleeve is very convenient to use, you can simply put the food in the sleeve, sprinkle with seasonings and set to bake. But at the end of cooking, you need to pierce the sleeve. we do this with a toothpick, it is very convenient and you can immediately check the readiness of the dish.

  • Yes, you need to pierce if there are no holes in the sleeve. Otherwise, your sleeve will simply explode, because the steam must somehow escape outside. I made several punctures with a fork. And now I came across a sleeve with a seam that has a number of small holes, which is very convenient. It is only important to place this seam on top.

  • The instructions for the baking sleeve say that after you put the product there and tied the end, you need to make two or three punctures with a needle. I do so, and everything is baked and browned well.

  • It is worth piercing the baking sleeve only if it is solid without holes, then yes, this is practically a necessary measure.

    But usually if you buy ready-made sleeves, then many of them already have small holes.

    All this is done so that the whole thing does not simply burst from pressure, because when heated, a lot of steam is formed, so much that it will burst with a bang.

  • The roasting sleeve helps the hostesses to cook amazing dishes in the oven without any problems. At the same time, the main concern in this cooking process is the swollen sleeve and the possible likelihood of its explosion. Each housewife decides for herself to pierce the sleeve or not. If the sleeve does not have scanty holes, then before baking it can be pierced immediately with a toothpick or needle. If it is possible to follow the preparation, then you can not pierce from the very beginning, but after half an hour, pierce to form a golden brown crust and avoid rupture of the film.

  • Maybe somewhere there are solid baking sleeves, but so far those that I came across all had a row of holes on one side. When the products are placed in the sleeve, they are laid with the seam upwards, excess moisture will come out through these holes. This is quite enough, there has never been a need to make additional holes.

  • You need to pierce the baking sleeve, but not immediately, but at least 30 minutes after the start of cooking. So the meat will brown and it will turn out with a very tasty and crispy crust, if the sleeve has no holes at all, then it may just burst, so it is better to make a few holes with a toothpick.

  • I cook in the sleeve like this: I bake for about half an hour without piercing it, so the meat or poultry is stewed in its own juice and it turns out very juicy, then I make three punctures with a knife in the upper part. The meat is browned and covered with a small crust.

    You can also pierce it right away, it will also turn out very tasty, but less juicy.

  • Don't need it at first. Just put the meat or chicken that you have in it and place it in the oven for 40 minutes, do not forget to release the air from it as much as possible. All equally the process will be inflated. And then cut it open, drain the accumulated liquid and put the dish in the oven again for 15 minutes to form a golden brown crust. You can turn on the grill if you have.

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