Do I need to rinse wheat grits before cooking?

Do I need to rinse wheat grits before cooking?

  • I, personally, do not wash.

    I cook for myself, tk. no one else loves e.

    I cook, I add salt and butter. Then I fry it a little more and eat it with milk and a roll.

    For me - awesomely delicious!

    I’m even glad that I don’t need to share with anyone!

  • But when I wash cereals of such a consistency (fine) as wheat, I act as follows: I pour water into a saucepan not much more than the level of cereals, wash the cereals in this volume of water, and what has a weight less than grains (these are midges, and any garbage), pour through a sieve, you can still repeat, and then pouring clean water, cook. Many will say, how did the midges start there? It happens. In finely crushed cereals, this happens quite often. And then, from small garbage, it tastes like - it can get worse, even a little bitter. Even cereals just bought in the market are not sure that they are perfectly clean. There is so much dust and debris, just imagine.

  • Of course, it is necessary to wash. I wash all the cereals before cooking. Me and the children are so calmer.

  • It is imperative to rinse, because the cereal is kept in warehouses in bags, and there mice, rats, sometimes they sell both the old cereal and the unknown. Its storage in store warehouses, all cereals and not only millet should be washed

  • Wheat grits are one of the dirtiest grits. Therefore, of course, it is necessary to wash it. Although, in principle, do not poison the dirty. The dirt will also boil, another thing is that eating dirty and weedy is not pleasant for everyone. If there is no disgust, you may not wash.

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