Is borscht cooked 5 days ago dangerous? Can I eat?

Is borscht cooked 5 days ago dangerous? Can I eat?

  • I believe that the longer the borscht costs, the tastier it is. That is, he must infuse. Of course, this does not mean that it should stand for a year. Any housewife knows how much and for how many days to cook food for her family. And nothing will happen to the borscht in five days.

  • If we consider that your borscht was cooked last year, then, probably, we can state it as a potentially dangerous dish.

    Yes, and I would be wary of eating such a drug if it was not contained in the refrigerator during its entire existence.

    But I am plagued by great doubts that a delicious rich borscht, even 5 days old, with all its heart flavored with antibacterial spices (pepper, garlic, etc.), can be dangerous to the health of an intelligent creature starving after the New Year celebration.

    By the way:

    disinfection of the body can be omitted, because it is between December 31st and January 7th of course.))

  • No, not dangerous, even if sour. You just need to boil it and there are no dangers. I know that they do that, they boil and eat and are safe and sound and have no consequences. I don’t do that myself, because, first of all, I don’t like sour foods. Secondly, I cook so much that the next day there is nothing left at all.

  • Let's say a borscht stood in oblivion on the balcony for all 5 days, where he even turned into a piece of ice! Then there is no danger for the body eating this borscht. You can warm it up, add greens - sour cream to a plate - and enjoy.

    If insidious bubbles appear on the surface of the borscht, which make "puff-puff", then the use of such a product is fraught with dyspepsia - diarrhea. I would not dine with such borscht.

    The third case. The borsch did not freeze on the balcony, and he has not blown bubbles yet, but is 5 days old! What to do?

    Cynical advice: first treat someone with such a borscht so that it would not be painfully ashamed. Maybe a dog ... Or a neighbor - a brawler ... Or a bore colleague who sits down. I don’t know .. If they stay alive, then it’s possible and eat a small amount yourself, having previously boiled it.

    PS American "comrades", for example, can store borscht prepared by Russian guests for a whole year in the freezer, because they themselves do not eat it, considering it a "warm salad", but for Russian friends they will gladly warm it up and treat it, rejoicing in saving the budget.

  • Borscht, of course, should be infused, it is tastiest on the 3rd day. If the borscht is vegetarian and stood in the cold, then it can be consumed, but there will be little benefit from it. Once my neighbor, who was born in the century before last, did not have a refrigerator due to mistrust, kept her food outside the window for a week. And then each time I boiled this food and consumed it. She lived to be 90 years old.

  • If he stood in the refrigerator all the time, there is no sour smell and tastes sour-free, then of course you can.

    But I would definitely boil such borscht for 2-3 minutes before serving, nevertheless there are quite a lot of ingredients in it, and 5 days is too much for storage. Let boiling and not kill all microorganisms, but the soul is calmer.

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