Pepper Bogatyr: reviews of gardeners

Do you want to grow a real miracle on your own beds? Then you need him - pepper Bogatyr. Feedback from those who have already had experience in growing this vegetable is the most favorable. It will decorate not only your garden, but also the table. And how many useful microelements and vitamins it contains!

pepper bogatyr reviews

Artificially created

If someone else does not know, the sweet pepper was artificially derived from hot peppers. Several options for selection and selection allowed collectors to get a sufficiently large number of varieties of sweet pepper, where the palm is occupied by the Bogatyr sweet pepper. Reviews of those who have tried this vegetable at least once in their lives are replete with enthusiastic epithets. He is both handsome and juicy, and fleshy, and tasty, but most importantly, very useful.

Useful Properties

Pepper Bogatyr, reviews of which mark his excellent taste, is also very useful for the human body. It contains a large amount of sugars that are easily digestible: fructose and sucrose. An interesting fact is that when the heat treatment of this vegetable occurs, it almost completely retains its beneficial substances. Even when canning for the winter, micronutrients and vitamins will also be preserved. Pepper sweet Bogatyr, reviews of which often emphasize that it is an ideal vegetable for preservation, also has a certain therapeutic effect.

pepper sweet hero reviews

What diseases is it most useful for?

So, this wonderful vegetable has such properties:

  • antitumor;
  • antisclerotic;
  • cough cold;
  • choleretic;
  • vasodilator;
  • diuretic.

So it is highly recommended for people suffering from certain diseases to include Bogatyr pepper in their diet. Description, reviews note the tonic properties of this natural product. Eating it is able to lower blood sugar and perfectly restore immunity.

Therapeutic effect

With some diseases you come to the aid of pepper-miracle Athlete. Reviews of patients recommend to use it for such illnesses:

  • various inflammations of the oral mucosa;
  • stomatitis;
  • gum disease;
  • periodontal disease;
  • inflammation of the jaw bones.

In diabetes, you must enter into your diet the juice of fruits that have not yet ripened. It is necessary to begin a course of treatment with 30 milliliters, gradually increasing the dose to 150. Juice can not drink or dilute, it is quite well absorbed by the body in its pure form.

pepper hero description reviews

This fruit also works well for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. With this disease, Bogatyr pepper is simply irreplaceable in your diet. Reviews and recommendations of patients are as follows: it is worth adding this vegetable to your daily menu - and the disease will recede. For the best effect, mix equal proportions of sweet pepper juice with cucumber, carrot and beetroot juice. You need to drink it 2-3 times a day, 100-150 milliliters at a time. Beets can have a laxative effect, so if you feel uncomfortable with them, they can be eliminated from the ingredients.

Those who follow their beauty, also leave good reviews about this vegetable. Pepper Bogatyr in the form of masks perfectly nourishes the skin of the face and hands, rejuvenates, whitens it. It has a good effect on the condition of the hair. And the pulp of this pepper is a great tool for wound healing. It stops blood and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

How does it mature?

For growing this culture is extremely unpretentious. Those summer residents who have long been planting sweet pepper Bogatyr in their beds, reviews are optimistic. With proper care for this crop, up to seven kilograms of this useful fruit can be harvested from one square meter of land.

By the way, where did this name come from - Bogatyr? It's all about the size. Fruits are cone-prism-shaped, slightly ribbed, rather large. They weigh between 150 and 200 grams. And the plant itself, on which the fruits grow, is quite tall, with a powerful root system and spreading stems.

pepper miracle hero reviews

After the first sprouts appeared above the ground, about 130 days should pass before the fruits appear. Initially they will have a light green tint. But before the final ripening, when the pepper becomes saturated-red, at least 2-3 weeks will pass. Gardeners write rave reviews: pepper Bogatyr with proper care grows very juicy, the thickness of the walls of its fruit reaches millimeters 5-6.

How to grow?

In order not to ruin your first harvest, you need to do everything correctly and on schedule. Even in winter, it is worth thinking about those who intend to grow Bogatyr pepper. Reviews experienced gardeners say that seedlings need to be sown in late February or early March. Seeds are laid in the ground to a depth of 1 cm. They must be pre-treated: wash with water and then with potassium permanganate solution. Seedlings can be planted in open ground 80 days after sowing. Make sure the soil warms up at least to plus 25 degrees. This usually occurs in late May or early June.

reviews pepper hero

This is a very hygrophilous culture - Bogatyr pepper. Description, reviews tell us that this fruit is very fond of good moisture, as well as bright light. It will be useful to feed this crop with complex fertilizers.

It tolerates the road well and is well transported over fairly long distances. Bogatyr variety is stored for a long time and is suitable for transportation. Manufacturers do not notice very high storage requirements and note this when they write reviews. Pepper Bogatyr has a high degree of resistance to top rot. It fades slowly enough and with proper storage keeps its strength for a long time.

And remember that only one pepper per day on your table fully compensates for the daily rate of ascorbic acid.

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