What flavor is spicy taste?

What flavor is spicy taste?

  • It seems to me that the savory taste is a combination of hot sauce, soy sauce and sweet and sour. That is, it is tasty at the same time spicy and sour, and very unusual in taste. I think this spicy sauce will go well with meat. Spicy taste is something unusual and not like anything else.

  • In my opinion, this is something tangy, spicy.

  • For me personally, the concept of piquant taste includes the concepts of spicy and spicy. But this is far from being all perception. In a broader sense, I understand piquant taste as unusual, playful, perky, appetite-stimulating taste. Perhaps arousing special attention and curiosity to the dish.

  • In my opinion, this is a complex compound taste with bittersweet-sour notes with some kind of unusualness. For example, cumin seeds add piquancy to pilaf, the taste of cinnamon to coffee, that is, it is still a matter of combination, that is, one cannot say that an orange, for example, has a piquant taste, add a little cinnamon to the cut slices - a completely different matter.

  • According to my feelings, the piquant taste is present in those dishes where "incompatible" products and tastes are combined. For example, the taste of a salad in which cottage cheese, apples and walnuts are present, I will call it spicy. Once I tried a combination of apples, onions, fillets of herring and vinegar, this also has a piquancy for me 🙂

    If the dish contains a mixture of seafood and "ground" meat, then it will also be piquant.

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  • It is a taste that attracts with its originality and uniqueness, spicy, tart and pungent. It also has a pronounced taste. Sauces, salads, cheese, etc. are savory. Chilean cuisine is considered to be such because of the pungency of the dishes.

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