Why are pancakes hard?

The secret of the correct yeast dough. Detailed video recipe.

Why are pancakes hard?

THIN PANCAKES that always come out! | PANCAKES with milk, kefir or water | Pancakes

  • If the pancakes turn out to be tough, this means that when making the dough you put too much flour or too little butter, it is also possible that the milk you used to make the pancakes is not greasy, in any case it is enough to add sunflower oil and the pancakes will be fine.

  • Probably, the dough is steep, a lot of flour, you need to dilute with milk. The pancake dough should be like sour cream, it should flow from the ladle. There may also be many eggs. The usual amount of ingredients: 2 eggs per liter of milk, about 2 glasses of flour, a tablespoon of sunflower oil, salt-sugar to taste (I try ready-made pancakes, otherwise it's scary with raw eggs). Most importantly: a liter of milk and 2 eggs, the rest as appropriate. You can also use kefir and other fermented milk, but then you need to dilute the dough with water. Also, when ready, when we put the pancake on a plate, you need to grease it with melted butter, then it will definitely become soft.

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