Why is the chicken eaten, but the rooster is not?

Why is the chicken eaten, but the rooster is not?

  • They are using it. The rooster just has a tighter meat than the chicken. Yes, and the chicken has more meat and it is fatter, cockerels are usually thin and "dry". Broths or jellied meat are usually cooked from rooster meat. Personally, I like rooster meat.

  • They eat both chickens and roosters, just in the agricultural subsidiary plots there are usually one, maximum two, and then if the rooster is already old and needs to be replaced with a younger one. And on poultry farms, both of them go for slaughter, absolutely no difference, and it is very difficult to understand that you have been sold a rooster, and not a chicken, if they are gutted without legs and heads. The taste, as for me, is not so much difference. When cockerels are found among the newly hatched young animals in a rural courtyard, then upon reaching the slaughter size, they are quickly sent to the soup, if a replacement of the chicken leader is not needed, since keeping several cockerels in the courtyard is very problematic due to their constant showdown.

  • Why do they not use it, do they use it, although they do not eat roosters as often as chickens, due to the fact that their meat is tougher and less tasty, and it is practically not found on sale in stores (My family once kept both chickens and roosters, ate roosters rarely, more often the roosters died of old age).

  • Why did you decide that the rooster is not eaten.? I have a vague conception, which is just the opposite. The roosters are culled for food, and the chickens are used as layers, and after one year of intensive egg laying, they are put into the pot. Simply, both the chicken and the rooster are called in one word - chicken. However, this does not apply to broilers. Those grow for two or three months. They are stuffed with all sorts of nasty things, and then a person eats it and fills his body with all sorts of nasty things, but that's another topic.

  • Why is the chicken eaten, but the rooster is not?

    They also eat a rooster, only there is a difference. Taste quality is different, a special young rooster has sweet meat, tougher than chicken. Previously, it was used for boiling jellied meat, you can put it in the marinade for 8 hours, then in foil and bake it, an excellent result, the meat is juicy and not tough, it is possible to stuff the meat with mushrooms at the same time. But chicken is tastier in every way - here is the soup, cooked meat is a dietary product, fried with a crust (take care of your fingers). The broth is better when placed in cold water, bring to a boil, remove the foam from above, and cook on low burner mode. From the old chicken, the broth is rich, but it takes longer to cook.

  • Boiled, fried, baked young cockerel is much tastier than chicken. Rooster broth is nourishing and healthier. This also applies to adult birds. Chicken spends a lot of nutrients, mineral salts, fat, other organic matter and inorganics on eggs. The rooster is not in danger.

    Of course, in modern poultry farming, this alignment does not matter. Broiler breeds are kept to slaughter for about two months. Both roosters and chickens are kept in the same conditions, receive the same feed. They are killed before puberty, and therefore the meat of such birds is practically indistinguishable by sex.

    And on private farms, those who do not buy chickens from incubators, and who have a brood hen, the cockerels are raised to an age suitable for slaughter. And they eat them with no less pleasure.

VLOG: The chicken was gone. The rooster pecked. I decided to hack to death.

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