Why does grated carrots turn black in the freezer?

Why does grated carrots turn black in the freezer?

  • For many years I have been freezing grated carrots, I have kept them for about half a year and have never turned black with me. Perhaps you often take out frozen carrots from the freezer and they have time to thaw, but this should not be allowed. I also admit that the freezer does not freeze well, I had a refrigerator, the meat disappeared, and in that freezer the carrots would definitely turn black. I can give advice - after the carrots are grated, lay them out in small portions so that you do not have to often take them out of the freezer, and if you take out a bag of carrots from the freezer, then immediately put it back, do not leave it on the table for a long time.

  • Once I also faced such a problem, at first I did not understand what was going on, and the next year I tried not to pour the carrots into a bag and freeze it, but first freeze it, then transfer it to the bag. It turned out fine. But what is happening, alas, I did not understand ...

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