Why is Ukrainian bacon the most delicious?

Why is Ukrainian bacon the most delicious?

  • There is a version that Ukrainian lard (not what was grown in Ukraine, but what is cooked in Ukrainian) is really the most delicious because it is salted without subjecting it to preliminary heat treatment, that is, raw lard is salted. Lard is popular in many European countries, not only in Ukraine. For example, in Germany, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Finland, etc. But there the bacon is first boiled and then stuffed with various spices. And among Ukrainians everything is simple: bacon, salt, garlic, pepper and bay leaf. Lard retains its original taste, slightly enhanced by the action of seasonings. In this form, it is not only tastier, but also healthier.

  • There is no thought of disappointing Ukrainians, for them their bacon is the best, but there are no less tasty ones, more "elegant" and "refined" types of lard.

    For example, the well-known Hungarian bacon, aromatic Italian lardo,

    Why is Ukrainian bacon the most delicious?

    German speck / back bacon / ryukenspeck / Rueckenspeck and bauchspeck / belly fat / Bauchspeck, and South Tyrol speck is a world-famous delicacy.

    Why is Ukrainian bacon the most delicious?

  • Because Russian is not exported to Ukraine, so ukram and it seems that Ukrainian bacon is the tastiest. Yes, they all have the best, the best vodka, the best tank, and in general, all the Ukrainian people have the most, an exceptional nation, just like their best friends, the Americans ...

  • Not only bacon, but Ukrainian borscht is also tastier. In fact, it's all about the recipe. Ukrainian cuisine has evolved over many centuries and does not change over time either the set of products or the methods of processing. Recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

    In addition, the taste of lard is largely dependent on the rearing of the pigs. This means that Ukrainians are fed correctly, so that there are meat layers and delicious lard itself.

  • Well, I would not say so directly that Ukrainian lard is the most delicious. The lard of different recipes is delicious in its own way. Here's what praying raw is, of course, a big deal. For example, I always only salt this way.

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