Do raw foodists eat meat?

Kurganets: "Raw meat gives me strength"

Do raw foodists eat meat?

  • They eat thermally unprocessed food. But there are subspecies of a raw food diet: an omnivorous raw food diet (this includes raw meat, fish), a vegetarian raw food diet, a vegan raw food diet, a carnivorous raw food diet (raw meat diet, a raw food diet of the Paleolithic era), Fruitarianism (which is now gaining popularity)

    A raw food diet is a very good body cleansing, strengthening.

  • Raw foodists eat everything raw. These are foods that have not been cooked or fried.

    Raw food diet: all types of plants, nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes. They eat it all in its pure form. Salads are often made or simply washed and eaten.

    They mostly do not eat meat. But there is a subspecies of raw foodists who eat unprocessed meat. But this is rare.

    Usually, they come to raw food in this way: vegetarianism -> veganism -> raw food diet.

    So meat and other animal products are excluded there.

  • Yes, indeed, the raw food diet itself does not imply giving up meat. Anyone can eat it: beef, pork, chicken. Any organs: heart, liver. They say that it is insanely delicious. As soon as to be with parasites, so that we kill by thermally processing food.

  • As I understand it, a raw food diet is a refusal to heat food. It is possible to dry food there. If you can eat dried fruit, then I think you can eat both dry-cured sausage and jerky.

  • Don't be silly, raw foodists don't eat meat. Raw foodists eat vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, unprocessed cereals, nuts, herbs, and more. They do not eat meat (it is unnecessary to equate them with mentally ill people).

  • Raw food eaters do not refuse meat. Raw foodists exclude fried and boiled foods from their diet. And the meat can be cooked without heat treatment. For example, raw-foodists eat jerky, dried, salted meat very much.

  • Raw foodists do not eat meat. That is, there are such raw-foodists who eat raw meat, paleo-eaters call them, but these are fewer and fewer, because the harm from meat has already been proven, even from boiled meat, even from raw.

    Real raw foodists are not just vegetarians, but vegans, they do not eat anything cooked and do not even eat raw animal products - milk, dairy products, eggs. Raw foodists do not eat cheese either.

    Some raw foodists eat honey and bee products. But sugar is not consumed. And many do not even use salt. Strictly speaking, the water is not boiled either. Tea, of course, is not drunk.

    Even stricter raw foodists eat mono. One product at a time.

    And there are fruitorians who do not even eat sprouted grains and nuts, but only eat fruits. And maybe some vegetables.

    Dried fruits for raw foodists may also be prohibited if they have not dried them themselves, because purchased ones are not known at what temperatures they are dried. Gentle drying should be at a temperature of 35-40 degrees.

    That is, a raw food diet implies veganism. And without heat treatment of products.

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