How much can you store canned cucumbers?

How much can you store canned cucumbers?

  • Cucumbers are best stored 1-2 of the year, if storage conditions are met. Many just have a basement or cellar too warm for storage, and in the summer cucumbers may disappear. Therefore, it is better to eat them in the year of conservation: in the fall, winter or spring. There are three seasons to take over. 🙂

  • It all depends on the method of preserving the cucumbers. If these are just pickles that are rolled up without the participation of vinegar, then their shelf life in a cool cellar or refrigerator is from 6 to 8 months. If these are pickled cucumbers, the marinade of which necessarily includes vinegar, then, depending on its amount, such cucumbers are stored for 1 to 2 years. In the cellar, of course, or at a lower temperature. Although I personally tried a jar of cucumbers that stood in the cellar for 3 seasons - we had too many cucumbers in 2012, so we ate them in subsequent years, the last jar was eaten in the spring of 2015 - used for pickle.

    Canned cucumbers from stores are also stored for 2 to 3 years, but not necessarily in a cold place - you can just in a kitchen cabinet.

    How much can you store canned cucumbers?

  • If there is little acid in cucumbers, then they will stand in a cool place for no more than 8 - 9 months (until summer).

    Once, during the winter we did not eat all the cucumbers and they stayed for the second year. The pickle in the banks did not dim and the covers were whole.

    Opened in winter - everything is in order. The cucumbers remained firm and tasty (we rolled them in aspirin).

    And other banks, it happened that you will open in the second year, and cucumbers are soft, they even crawl away when you pull out.

  • It happened to open a can of cucumbers that had stood for three years. The appearance and smell was excellent, but they tried to take it with their hands and the cucumbers began to creep away. Although it may be on the grade depends

    Therefore, they can be stored forever, but you shouldn't use it anyway.

  • Theoretically, canned cucumbers can be stored for about 1 year. However, it is better not to do this. An open jar of cucumbers will "exhale", the vinegar will oxidize when exposed to air. For cucumbers, this is not very good, they can generally begin to become covered with mold. So it's better to eat them quickly)

  • The higher the concentration of vinegar in cucumbers, the longer they are stored. But other things being equal, rolled up or closed with a screw-on iron lid, you can safely eat them for 2 years.

    At the same time pay attention to the transparency of the brine. If it is muddy, then fermented and food can not be.

  • Home canned cucumbers are best eaten for a year, until the next harvest. The shelf life depends on the method of preparation. If it is pickled cucumbers, they are stored for long, a few months. If cucumbers are conserved with acetic acid, then they are stored 2, this is from personal experience. There were banks that stood in the cellar for three years, but when they were opened, they found that rusty spots appeared on the lid inside, the cucumbers became soft, I had to throw everything away. I try to eat cucumbers that have been standing in the cellar for more than a year after thermal processing, put it in a hodgepodge, pickle, aza.

  • If well preserved and stored in a cool place with all the rules, then pickles and can stand for five years and not deteriorate.

    But from my own experience, I can say so. We do not store anything ... Everything is eaten during the winter and spring.

    If there is no storage space, it is better to preserve smaller for the winter.

    How much can you store canned cucumbers?

  • Canned cucumbers are stored in the basement, cellar or refrigerator for one year. It is eating them throughout the year, you will feel their taste and aroma. Sometimes for the year all the cucumbers did not use, then they can be consumed within the next year, but not more.

    When storing for more than 2s, canned cucumbers lose their quality, taste, and become unusable.

  • I try to eat home canned cucumbers for 1 year. But there were cases when banks with 2-x summer cucumbers were eaten, and cucumbers were just as tasty. In compliance with the production technology (in industrial production according to GOST) shelf life of cucumbers is 24 month. But imported pickled gherkins have a shelf life of 3 year. It is becoming dangerous to consume cucumbers that have stood longer.

    How much can you store canned cucumbers?

  • More than three years do not store, even on store banks with cucumbers on the label indicated such a period.

    Homemade canned in banks for a couple of years can be accurately stored, they remain edible, the taste does not change. I rarely have so long stored, everything is eaten by next summer.


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