Dough for pies with dry yeast. All possible recipes for dry yeast dough

Every real housewife easily and even masterfully copes with baking of any complexity, be it pies, pizza or buns. Naturally, when she starts cooking, she often uses the dough for pies with dry yeast. However, every woman knows her own special recipe. After all, even having the same products, you can get completely different results at the output, it all depends on the quality of these components, certain conditions, the skills of the hostess, and even on her mood. So, let's look at the basic recipes with which you can make butter dough with dry yeast. We will also reveal some of the secrets of its manufacture. But first, let's find out why more and more housewives prefer dry yeast.

dry yeast pie doughDry yeast versus pressed yeast

Dry yeast looks like granules or "worms" of different sizes of sandy color. They are obtained simply: using a technological process, ordinary yeast is dried. The main advantage of a dry product is its long shelf life, up to two years. Even an open package can lie long enough in a simple kitchen cabinet.
Making dough from dry yeast takes less time, because it rises almost instantly. You should not wait overnight to start baking, an hour and a half is enough. The quality of baked goods made from dry yeast is not inferior to that in the recipe of which ordinary pressed ones were used.

Little secrets of delicious dough

To prepare a truly delicious dough, you need to follow just a few simple rules. Here they are:

  1. Excellent product quality. The butter will make the baked goods tender and the vegetable oil more fluffy. It is best to avoid using margarine when making dry yeast pie dough.
  2. Sugar should be put as much as indicated in the recipe, no more and no less.
  3. Flour must contain at least 24% gluten and be of the highest grade, and milk must be the freshest. The flour should be sieved to enrich it with oxygen.
  4. Before kneading the dough, the products should be at room temperature, and it is better to heat the milk to 35 degrees.

What else should not be forgotten dry yeast dough recipe

When preparing yeast dough, you need to mix dry and liquid ingredients separately, and then carefully combine them, avoiding the formation of lumps. It is necessary to knead everything in a room with closed windows: dry yeast dough is very afraid of drafts. If possible, avoid using a rolling pin, it is better to stretch the dough mass with your hands to the desired size and sprinkle with flour. Bake at an optimal temperature of 180-200 degrees and in the first 15-20 minutes it is better to refrain from opening the oven door. Now that you know the basic rules for making yeast dough, we offer you several different recipes for all occasions.

Pastry dough

dry yeast doughTo prepare such a dough for sweet and savory pies, you will need about two and a half hours and the following products: 20 grams of dry yeast (these are two bags), half a liter of fresh milk, 150 grams of sugar, 4 chicken eggs, 220 grams of vegetable oil (refined ), a kilogram of sifted wheat flour and a teaspoon of salt. Add dry yeast and a tablespoon of sugar into milk heated to 35 degrees, stir until dissolved. We put in a warm place for half an hour. At this time, drive all the eggs into the remaining warm milk and mix with a whisk or fork. Pour in the prepared dough, then add salt, sugar, butter and mix again. Gently add the sifted flour and knead the dough. It should be tight and not sticky to your hands. Now the dough needs to be covered with a cloth, for example a kitchen towel, and put in a warm place, next to the radiator. After forty minutes you will notice that it has risen, you need to crush it a little with your fist and leave it for another hour. After the dry yeast pie dough has grown enough in volume, start baking.

Dry yeast pizza dough dry yeast pizza dough

When making pizza from yeast dough, roll it out as thin as possible, as it will still rise to the desired thickness. An insufficiently rolled base during baking can simply "swallow" your filling, turning the product into a regular cake. So, to make pizza dough, you need the following products: a kilogram of premium wheat flour, half a liter of fresh milk or mineral water, 50 grams of sugar, one hundred grams of vegetable oil, a bag of dry yeast (11 grams) and a little salt. Dissolve sugar and yeast in warm milk, leave the dough for 20 minutes. We mix the rest of the ingredients, add the dough and leave the dough for half an hour - come up. Then we roll it out with a rolling pin to the desired thickness, shape it and lay out our favorite filling. We bake pizza with yeast at a temperature of no more than 180-200 degrees.

Italian pizza dough

Many people know that the most delicious pizza on the planet is Italian. It is likely that the main secret of its taste lies in the dough, because the filling can be absolutely any. But after all, such a pizza, or rather such a basis, can now be prepared by every housewife in her kitchen. We offer you one recipe for dry yeast dough for Italian pizza. You need to take a glass of warmed mineral water, three glasses of finely ground wheat flour, a teaspoon of sea salt, two teaspoons of dry yeast (without a slide), a teaspoon of sugar, two tablespoons of olive oil. Sift flour and mix with salt. Combine yeast with warm water, sugar, let stand for about five minutes, and then add to flour and salt, pour in olive oil. Knead the dough with your hands for seven minutes until it becomes elastic and no longer sticks to your hands. Cover the bowl with the prepared base with a towel or clean cloth and leave to rise for 40 minutes or an hour. This Italian pizza dough is best stretched with your hands to maintain its delicate texture. Divide into the desired number of pieces, shape and thickness as required, fill with filling and bake in the oven until tender.

butter dough with dry yeaststraight dough

When guests are about to step on the doorstep, and in the house - a rolling ball, a quick pie dough is what you need. Moreover, you can bake both pies and buns from it. So, take the following products for cooking: 250 grams of warm fresh milk, three eggs, a pack of butter, two tablespoons of sugar with a slide, a teaspoon of salt, vanilla sugar (for sweet pastries), a packet of dry yeast and 700-800 grams of sifted flour the highest grade (wheat). Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm milk. Melt butter in a microwave oven and add eggs to it, stir. Mix together the mixture of eggs and butter and milk with yeast and sugar. Add the rest of the ingredients: flour, salt, vanillin. Knead the dough. When ready, shape the semi-finished products (rolls, pies and pies) and bake in the oven. Such a dough for pies with dry yeast is just a godsend for unexpected guests, who can always be met with delicious fresh pastries.

Kefir dough cake dough dry yeast

The recipes above contain mostly similar ingredients. We offer you another recipe based on which you can make a dough for pies. Dry yeast in this version should be diluted not in milk, but in water, then add kefir. So, for the recipe you need to take: a bag of dry yeast, a tablespoon of sugar, half a liter of kefir, an egg, a little salt, a kilogram of premium wheat flour, three tablespoons of oil (vegetable), another egg for greasing the pies. Dissolve yeast and sugar in a small amount of warm water, put in a warm place. Notice how the dough will rise just before your eyes, literally in 7-10 minutes.

Introduce the egg, dough, salt, vegetable oil into kefir at room temperature and mix well. Sift the flour through a sieve to saturate it with oxygen, which will give the baked goods airiness, add to the prepared mixture, knead the dough and leave it for half an hour or an hour to come up. Wrap your hand once and start shaping the future baking. The second egg in the recipe is used to grease pies and buns. Whisk it a little and use a cooking brush to grease the baked goods five to seven minutes before cooking, this will give it a pleasant ruddy color and shine.

Fillings for yeast pies

Now that you know several recipes for making dough based on dry yeast, the question may well arise of what to fill the baked goods with.

quick pie dough

Your heart, your intuition, and your family's preferences will tell you the answer. Sweet pies are filled with apples, berries, jam and thick preserves. In savory ones, there may be a filling of eggs, rice, potatoes and mushrooms, minced meat and even fish.

Well, there are no problems with pizza at all, put on it everything that you find in the fridge: sausage, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms and smoked meats. You can make both monopizza, with one type of filling, and assorted. And depending on how thick the dough you like best, you will make it this way by rolling out more or less and letting it rise. The result will surprise and delight you.

Summing up

When you start baking, do not be afraid to fantasize and experiment with different products and pie fillings. Good dry yeast will provide you with delicious puffy dough, which means both pizza and pies will turn out delicious. In addition, cooking them will not take much time, which means that you can indulge your relatives and friends with baking as often as you want. Dry yeast will open up the prospects for making culinary masterpieces in just a few minutes. After kneading the dough using just a couple of packs of yeast, in three hours you can get a slide of fragrant sweet pies, a pizza for dinner with any filling and, for example, a closed pie for tomorrow.

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