What dishes include fried pickled cucumbers?

What dishes include fried pickled cucumbers?

  • I will continue the topic of filling for pies. It's called "False Mushrooms".

    Pickled cucumber 10 pcs.

    Bulb onions 1-2 pcs.

    Carrots 1-2 pcs.

    Boiled potatoes, large 2 pcs.

    Grate carrots, chop onion and fry until golden brown. Cucumbers, too, grate and add to the vegetables. Stew until evaporated. From potatoes to make a mash, mix with vegetables, salt, pepper and add a little sugar. When the filling cools, you can make patties. It tastes like salted mushrooms.

    Bon appetit!

  • The hodgepodge includes pickles. Peeled and finely chopped cucumbers are lightly fried without adding oil. The purpose of frying is to evaporate excess moisture, but not fry. It is rather a sautéing without fat. Then sautéed cucumbers are mixed with sautéed tomato paste, onions and carrots. This mixture is called a cut. She is the basis of the hodgepodge. It is added five to ten minutes before the end of cooking. The tomato paste is sautéed without fat. The goal is to remove excess sour taste. During the frying process, add a little salt and sugar to taste. Onions and carrots are fried in broth fat or in butter.

    For a classic pickle, salted cucumbers are not fried and peel is not removed. Rassolnik should be sour. Since I do not like the taste of boiled salted cucumbers, I make a breeze, as for a saline, only without tomato paste.

  • From roasted cucumbers, you can cook many independent dishes.

    Snack from fried sunflower cucumber.

    For cooking, we need: onions - 2 - 3 heads, carrots - 3 - 4, pickled or pickled cucumbers - 5 - 6, tomato paste - 1 tbsp. spoon, black pepper, bay leaf, garlic - 2 cloves, red hot pepper (optional)

    Put the chopped onion into a large frying pan, followed by grated carrots on a coarse grate, then pickled cucumbers grated on a coarse grate and squeezed from the juice. We fry (simmer) without a lid over low heat for 20 - 30 minutes.

    Then add tomato paste, chopped garlic, bay leaf, black pepper, chili pepper to the appetizer - if desired, and a little water or cucumber pickle, if desired. Simmer for another 5 minutes, add greens at the end.

    Use this snack both hot and cold. It is suitable for all types of meat, you can eat it simply with bread.

    What dishes include fried pickled cucumbers?

    A very tasty side dish is obtained from Potatoes, fried with salted cucumbers.

    Cut potatoes into slices and fry them in vegetable or melted butter.

    Salted cucumbers also cut into circles, dip first in butter, then into flour and fry in a pan.

    We lay the potatoes, and around it the cucumber. Sprinkle with herbs.

    What dishes include fried pickled cucumbers?

    My son likes to have a beer as a snack.

    For not I take: pickles - 6 pieces, eggs - 2, beer - 0,5 cups, flour - 2 cups, vegetable oil

    Cucumbers cut into slices.

    I beat eggs with beer, add salt and pepper. then gradually I introduce in portions the flour while continuing to whisk. The consistency of the dough should not be thick. If you get thick, then you can add more beer.

    In a frying pan (you can use a small saucepan) I heat the vegetable oil. I dip the cucumber circles into the prepared dough and deep-fry them.

    I put the ready snack on a towel so that I absorbed excess fat. Sometimes I even eat their salt and pepper.

    Separately I prepare sauce. Mayonnaise I mix with chopped parsley, dill, green onions. All this I just mix.

    What dishes include fried pickled cucumbers?

  • I like to eat azu, it's a dish of pork, fried with onions, pickles and tomato. From beef, you can make goulash with pickled cucumbers, onions and cream. These meat dishes are eaten by any garnish. And you can also make a salad of meat, pickles , boiled eggs and walnuts, refill with maoyonez.

  • Pies come with fried cucumbers. Very tasty. Cucumbers with onions are fried in a frying pan about 10 minutes. Also prepare salted cucumbers for pickles. And add to the soup for 5 -7 minutes until readiness

  • In my menu there are two such dishes: pickle and beet salad. In rassolnik I fry grated pickles, and then I add already at the end of cooking soup. With a salad, in fact, almost the same, only I cucumber fry at the same time with grated beets, and put them in a frying pan on the already fried onions. This, incidentally, is one of my favorite salads, and it can be eaten both warm and already cooled.

Miner's Salad from pickled cucumbers with meat

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