What are your favorite salad recipes?

What are your favorite salad recipes?

  • I really love the salad, which our family always prepares for the New Year and for birthdays. As far back as I can remember, I have always loved this salad and still love it. We call it "Cake-salad"


    1. beets 1 large or 2-3 small;
    2. carrot 1 large or 2-3 small;
    3. eggs - 3 pcs;
    4. processed cheese - 2 pcs;
    5. green onions
    6. apple - 2-3 pcs;
    7. mayonnaise

    Notes: the number of products depends on the plate on which there will be a salad.


    1. Pre-cook the vegetables: beets, carrots and eggs. Cool and clean. Peel apples and peel. Bow small chop.
    2. We take a plate on which there will be a salad
    3. We take a grater and put it in layers:

    1 layer - beets so that the plate is covered.

    2 layer - apple (sour is better)

    3rd layer - mayonnaise (it is most convenient to use mayonnaise in tubes. If you do not have this, then it is better to use a confectionery syringe, because it will be inconvenient to spread the layers with a spoon)

    4th layer - egg (half of what was prepared for the salad)

    5 layer - processed cheese (similar)

    6 layer - carrots

    7 layer - green onions (onions can be used, but green is tastier)

    8 layer - mayonnaise

    9 layer - egg (second half)

    10 layer - processed cheese (second part)

    11 layer - beets or carrots (depending on which top you want - red or yellow, you can combine it - as your fantasy tells you)

    12 layer - mayonnaise (I make some patterns to make it more beautiful)

    You can decorate with anything, it all depends on the creativity of the hostess. I decorate with green peas around the plate, for the new year I make a clock, for a birthday - numbers. You can also make roses from the remains of carrots and beets. Once I even made a mouse and a cat from an egg.

    Secrets of cooking:

    1. To make the salad turn out to be high, do not pinch the layers, rub the vegetables directly on the plate, just as you lay down, and lie down.
    2. Apples should be cleaned just before they are rubbed, otherwise they will be weathered
    3. To the cheese does not stick to the grater, put it in the freezer for 10-20 minutes before cooking.

    That's all! I recommend to try! Bon Appetit!

    What are your favorite salad recipes?

    This salad turned out for my birthday.

  • I like all kinds of salads. I like sharp things: from dandelions, burdock, sea kale, fern.

    My favorite salad: take 1 kg of fresh cucumbers, chop them into strips, top with chopped onion rings, chopped 5 cloves of garlic, red hot pepper to taste, half a teaspoon of sesame oil, sugar, salt and vinegar 6% to taste and pour hot pork meat, add tarragon (tarragon) there and mix everything, after half an hour lick your fingers, it’s so delicious. prepare the meat for the salad as follows: chop the pork meat not fat 1 kg into small strips and put in hot oil, add 4 tablespoons of kandyam (soy sauce) and fry for 10 minutes over high heat, stirring occasionally, and then immediately pour into cucumbers and stir.

    Try it. Bon Appetit!

  • Salad "Corn" is easy to prepare, tasty, you will need

    Three eggs

    Bank of canned corn

    150 gram of cheese

    100 g prunes

    2 garlic cloves

    mayonnaise, feathers of green onions

    Boil the eggs, peel and cut into cubes, then rub the cheese on a large bed, rinse the prunes, dry and cut into small pieces. We put the ingredients in the plate, add the corn (the third part of the jar is left on the salad dressing), squeezed garlic, mayonnaise and mix everything up well, then put the salad in the soup box into the shape of the corn cob, decorate with the remaining corn and onion feathers.

  • I like a lot of salads and which one is my favorite ... At a certain moment, it is better to cook one, then the other, depending on what else is in the refrigerator, what season, etc.

    Favorite salads, starting with herring under a fur coat, "Olivier", "Mimosa" salad (you can cook this salad in balls).

    And below in order. Plus, I also really like vegetable salads, with crab sticks - I love all salads!

    Of my favorite salads - Dressed Herring in different variants and forms of preparation I have already written about herring under a jelly coat, herring balls under a fur coat, herring roll under a fur coat, herring salad inside lavash or inside rolls - all these options with Herring under a fur coat are popular.

    With salad "Olivier" like New Year option with red caviar, it is also original to cook in a ring according to any recipe.

    I really like the Mimosa salad, I used to write recipes here "Mimosa" with pink salmon, salmon. In general, there are many delicious salads with red fish.

    From simple salads - salads with potato the most different, what everyone likes, recipes for the link with this salad. Potatoes can be boiled or even fried in a salad.

    Original salad with herring, in particular, can be prepared puff pastry salad with herring.

    Always the way on the table salads with cabbage, whether fresh, salted or sauerkraut. Cabbage is incredibly healthy, in addition, it is low in calories and will be an excellent snack on any table.

    Previously, I gave a simple recipe mushroom salad. In general, mushroom salads are very many different, like puff mushroom salads.

    Also really like salads with carrots, the best recipes are there under the link.

    Also wrote about fruit salad "Ambrosia"", which is good because it is made with condensed milk, and not with mayonnaise or vegetable oil.

    These are my favorite salads. Also like salads with Beet Fresh or boiled.

    These are your favorite salads, not to mention those prepared in the banks for the winter ("Mother-in-law's language"zucchini or eggplant, eggplant stuffed in jars with vegetables, pickled vegetables in jars, any, including Korean style, salad or Snack "Uncle Bens""with zucchini and others.) It is great in winter to get pickled or pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants out of the jar and prepare a simple salad, seasoned with vegetable oil or mayonnaise.

    I really like salads with the addition of cheese like "Mozzarella" or even ordinary simple processed or Russian cheese, Gouda cheese, as for baked champignons.

    Now, among my favorite salads, I also remembered a salad from funchose, for example, with cucumbers... It is very tasty to make "Kimchi" salad from cucumbers or cook in Korean.

    There are many delicious salads with crab sticks. Prepare a salad with red beans.

    We take the following products:

    • beans red canned one jar,
    • tomato two pieces,
    • a little garlic at will, to taste,
    • crab sticks - 100 grams,
    • mayonnaise for dressing salad,
    • salt pinch,
    • black ground pepper, as much as you like.

    All the ingredients are ground and mixed plus beans from the jar. Bon Appetit!

    salad of beans and crab sticks

    I also did not name a single salad with canned fish, and these are very tasty salads, starting with "Mimosa" and all other simple salads / puff salads. You can prepare the following salad with the following products:

    • boiled potatoes in a peel three to four pieces,
    • mackerel in a jar of oil - one jar,
    • luchok one head (cut and sprinkle with boiling water so that there is no bitterness),
    • eggs boiled three pieces,
    • grated hard cheese - 100 grams.

    All these ingredients are laid in layers in the described sequence. Plus mayonnaise, salt to taste. Bon Appetit!

    salad with canned fish

  • Cool salad, beautiful and incredibly tasty despite the simplicity of the ingredients. So, cut pork or beef into thin strips and fry in vegetable oil. Boil the beets and grate them for a Korean carrot. White cabbage should be finely chopped. Grate the carrots. Mix everything, salt, pepper and season with mayonnaise.

    Preparation of this salad with a photo can be viewed here.

    What are your favorite salad recipes?

  • I love different salads.

    salad "Pomegranate bracelet" 1 layer - potatoes per pot, 2 - cheese per pot, 3 - grated raw carrots. grease the layers with mayonnaise mixed with garlic and pepper

    What are your favorite salad recipes?

    salad with beans: bean-1b, crackers-1 a large packet, mix, add mayonnaise and garlic. let stand

    What are your favorite salad recipes?


    What are your favorite salad recipes?

  • I adore salad from green beans. Method of preparation:

    1. open green beans 5 minutes, after frying in vegetable oil and pepper, salt to taste
    2. open eggs and cut into slices
    3. all put in a salad bowl, mix and season with sour cream
      What are your favorite salad recipes?

  • Salads are very interesting dishes so that they can not be spoiled, nakramsal and thrown into a saucepan entirely)

    very simply seasoned with mynez and sour cream and it's good that with regards to salads, I still love summer baked pork tomatoes.

  • I probably won't be original if I say that our favorite salad at home is "Olivier" and "Fur coat". I also like "Korean carrots" or salads with the addition of "Korean carrots". The simplest such salad is cold, boiled liver, cut into thin strips and mixed with ready-made Korean carrots, it turns out very tasty. I also like the red bean salad. You will need; 1 can of red beans, drain the entire liquid, ham 200-300 grams, 2 cucumbers and 2 apples. Cut ham, cucumbers and peeled apples into cubes, mix with beans and add mayonnaise, mix and put in a salad bowl, decorate with herbs, it is better not to cook this salad for good, but eat it right away.

    What are your favorite salad recipes?

    . I also suggest making an eggplant or zucchini salad appetizer: fry the zucchini with plates, grate the processed cheese (pre-light it slightly in the freezer), squeeze the garlic, add any finely chopped greens and add mayonnaise. Stir, spread zucchini or eggplant with this lettuce and also in the middle you can put a slice of tomato or cucumber and wrap. Sprinkle with greenfinch.

    What are your favorite salad recipes?

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