Fried dumplings. What is the best sauce for them?

Fried dumplings. What is the best sauce for them?

  • Aioli, for example - mayonnaise, garlic and some turmeric. Tartar with pickled cucumbers is also good. And we often do without sauce, we just sprinkle ready-made fried dumplings with grated cheese and put in a hot oven for a couple of minutes, it also turns out very tasty ...

  • Then try mixing ketchup and mayonnaise.

    Our family loves to add garlic and cilantro to the red sauce, other herbs are optional.

    White sauce try sour cream with herbs and mustard. This is so if you do not bother quickly and at all. Try to fry sausages with dumplings together with dumplings. You can sprinkle with grated cheese on top or cut the cheese-pigtail. Alternatively, you can crumble pickled cucumbers on top or shake with Korean carrots.

  • I would recommend a new one, not just fried. The dumplings are fried, the onion and mushrooms are cut, they are also fried, everything is folded into a container similar to a frying pan (for example, we have a round refractory glass container with a capacity of a medium frying pan) put a layer of sour cream on top, add some salt, pepper, stick a couple of bay leaves, rub the cheese on top ... And then this container into the oven until the sour cream seeps down and the cheese melts. We generally do not like purchased dumplings, my husband often makes Chinese ones himself. But my daughter tried fried dumplings somewhere once, and she liked it, but her husband (he is a noble culinary specialist) could not allow anyone's recipes in our kitchen, and even from "store" dumplings, so he twisted in this way.

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