What is the difference between Chinese and European noodles? What is the name of which species?

What is the difference between Chinese and European noodles? What is the name of which species?

  • Noodles in Europe are traditionally made from wheat flour and water, eggs are sometimes added (egg noodles).

    In China, noodles are of great nutritional value, are used everywhere and have a great variety in the type of basic raw material from which it is made.

    In addition to wheat flour noodles, widespread in China rice noodles, which are made from rice flour and water. It looks white, slightly transparent, and taste almost tasteless. It is cooked for only a few minutes or just steamed, and is often an integral part of other dishes. It is put in salads, stewed with chicken or other meat, vegetables, seafood. Not all Europeans will like it.

    And also in China there are:

    What is the difference between Chinese and European noodles? What is the name of which species?

  • In the northern part of China, rice noodles are often made from wheat flour, in the southern part from rice. To prepare wheat noodles, eggs are added to the flour, rice only flour and water. Then the mass is washed in alkaline water and kneaded together with the cereals to give a certain color or texture. For this, egg white, arrowhead or tapioca can be added.

    The next step is forming noodles, which can be done in one of five ways. Cutting involves rolling the dough into a thin sheet and cutting into strips of the desired width. When extruded, it is driven through a perforated press, with the result that it takes the form of threads. Cutting means that the finished dough is rolled into a roll, followed by quick cutting of small leaves into boiling water. When rolling the desired form of noodles is obtained by rolling a small piece of dough.

    Wheat Chinese noodles are divided into the following types:

    Cat ears resembles the ears of a cat

    Cold noodles

    Sliced ​​wide noodles are cooked by cutting. It is a short flat strip.

    Laghman noodles, which is folded by hand. From it is prepared a dish of ramen.

    Beef noodles in appearance resembles spaghetti

    Lao noodle fried with meat or vegetables

    Mianxian very thin salty noodles

    Shenmyan seems soapy to the touch

    Tsumyan is a thick variety of wheat noodles.

    Egg or alkaline noodles are distinguished by a pronounced egg flavor and have such varieties:

    Oil noodles are made from wheat flour with the addition of alkali or eggs

    Thin noodles are small.

    Mianbao in the form of flat strips

    Imyan fried noodles

    Xiajimian noodles with caviar

    Zhushenmyan prepared from dough, beaten with a bamboo stick. It is considered a rare type of Chinese noodle.

    Rice noodles:

    Gotyao made in the form of thin strips

    Shahafen is a wide band

    Layfen round translucent noodles, thick in diameter


    Rice vermicelli.

    Starch noodles:

    Dongfen fine mashed noodles

    Fensy transparent thin noodles

    Fenpi clear, wide noodles

    Lianpi transparent noodles made from seitan waste

    Laoshufen thick noodles, the diameter of which is 3-5 mm.

  • Noodles in European cuisine, for example, Italian is made from wheat flour. There may be a lot of names, but the main ingredient is wheat flour. In China, noodles are made not only from wheat flour. The first notifications about noodles in China appeared in 25-22 years of our era. But this noodle was not made of wheat. Noodles in China are called the soul of Chinese cuisine. Chinese noodles are of different varieties and the names are not mass. It depends on what the noodles are made of and on the place where it first appeared and on the way of cooking. Europeans, for example, a huge and different choice of noodles are baffling. Only wheat noodles in China are over a dozen. In addition, noodles in China are made from rice, mainly in the southern regions. This noodle is distinguished by its white color and special flavor. In addition to wheat and rice, cooking noodles from other types of cereals and legumes is common in China. Even in China, cook noodles from starch and sweet potatoes. Instant noodles were first used in China too. Today this noodle is very popular in the world.

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