How to replace parmesan in a salad?

How to replace parmesan in a salad?

  • Parmesan is considered the same hard cheese, well, I think you can replace the Russian, Dutch, well, and Dzhyugas. Dzhugas is very similar to Parmesan, as it is done using the same technology, if memory serves me)))

  • Parmesan cheese belongs to the hard varieties, it has an unusual savory taste. It can be used in any dishes, but not many like its taste. It can be replaced with any hard cheese. For example, in a Caesar salad, you can replace Parmesan cheese with cheese, I like it even more.

  • Parmesan cheese is made in France. Many dishes included this product. When this cheese stopped delivering to stores, some restaurant chefs panicked. I believe that there are other cheeses are not worse. Parmesan can be replaced

    How to replace parmesan in a salad?

    Dutch cheese.

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