What can be prepared from minced meat already fried?

What can be prepared from minced meat already fried?

  • There are many options in order to use already roasted minced meat, for cooking culinary dishes with it. And the simplest option is pancakesstuffed with these stuffing, you can add to it separately roasted grated carrots with onions and even a boiled egg or rice to make more filling.


    You can boil the potatoes in uniforms and peel it, then cut into slices and put in a baking dish, add spices and put minced meat on top and smear it with sour cream, but on top then put grated cheese and it will be fine casserole.

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    Or cut into rounds eggplant and take two, lay the stuffing between them, make a batter and dip each two pieces of minced meat in a batter and fry.

    You can make pancakes with fried minced meat inside. It is very tasty.


  • Lasagna! Or bake potatoes, onions, gravy, mince

  • And you can make stuffing for cabbage rolls out of your minced meat, or stuff bell peppers. Also delicious stuffed zucchini.

    What can be prepared from minced meat already fried?

  • Well, this is essentially your ready stuffing. It is worth thinking what to fill it.

    I offer potato zrazy - it will be very tasty. You can also thin pancakes, you can pita bread. You can make a casserole with mashed potatoes or pasta as a base. A layer of base, a layer of your minced meat, then you can do something vegetable, and again a base. Top with grated cheese. And since all the products are already ready, then bake for a very short time, until the cheese is golden.

  • From the already roasted minced meat, you can make various fillings for pancakes, other dough products. Can be used as a fry for pasta or rice, you can add to the soup. Shaverma (Shawarma) can be done. In general, the options, as much as you want, would be a fantasy.

We mix the minced meat according to a special recipe. You can't take your eyes off such a dish!

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