What are biscuits?

What are biscuits?

  • Biscuits are a French word (galette), meaning dry biscuits that replace bread and are able to retain their qualities for a long time. The biscuits have a layered structure. There are simple biscuits (so-called dry biscuits, crackers) - they can be stored for 2 years and fatty (contain 10-18% butter or margarine) - their shelf life is usually limited to 6 months.

  • Biscuits are a bakery product, such an original bread substitute. Cookies are made in the form of cookies, flat cakes. Their advantage is dry, light, nutritious. Biscuits are widely used in the army, climbers, hikers on hikes. Unleavened biscuits are made from flour, water and salt. Fermented biscuits also contain yeast. Flour is usually used wheat, rye, their mixture, add oatmeal, corn flour. To improve the taste and nutritional value, biscuits are "heavier" by adding milk, butter, margarine, eggs, sugar, meat powder, caraway seeds, vanilla, etc. They do not add weight to a soldier's duffel bag or a climber's backpack, but they can feed a person!

  • it is a dry flaky lung (both in weight and calorie content) savory biscuits

    it makes delicious crunchy sandwiches

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