Ingredients for borsch. What products are needed?

Ingredients for borsch. What products are needed?

  • First of all, the broth. The broth can be meat or meat and bone, pork, beef, lamb, or chicken. There is also lean borscht - in vegetable broth, for example, beans.

    Then cabbage (only white). Sometimes cabbage is replaced with oxalom. Green borsch is cooked only with sorrel; red, usually with cabbage.

    Buriak, he's a beet. In the green borscht is not used. Buriak is pre-stewed with tomato paste or with fresh tomatoes.

    Carrots, onions, potatoes - as usual for soup.

    Sunflower oil - for sautéing carrots and onions.

    Beans will give borsch a special taste.

    Lard - old, slightly yellowed - flavoring. Finely chop the bacon and grind in a mortar with garlic and black pepper.

    Sweet peppers, finely chopped - put together with cabbage at the end of cooking.

    Bay leaf.


    To taste - citric acid, or vinegar. In borscht with sorrel are not needed.

    In the green soup, already boiled, pour boiled chicken eggs cut into small cubes.

    Separately to the soup served:


    Sour cream;

    Bell pepper;


    Finely chopped herbs (onions, parsley, dill)

    Vodka in the steaming decanter.

    So, in the form of a brief overview, the list of the most commonly used components of borscht looks like.

  • Be sure to place beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, cabbage, tomato paste, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, mayonnaise or sour cream in the borsch soup, or you can taste it (or for taste). When the sun converges, it turns out a great joy.


    • 1 kg meat (chicken, beef, pork);
    • 4 pcs potatoes;
    • 1 / 2 white cabbage;
    • 1 svkla;
    • 1 carrots
    • Xnumx onions;
    • 5 fresh tomato;
    • 3 Art. l of vegetable oil;
    • salt;
    • a bunch of green dill;
    • 2 piece bay leaf
    • Vinegar 3% 1,5 Art. l

    Ingredients for borsch. What products are needed?

  • Most importantly, do not forget an excellent piece of meat or chicken, so that the broth is rich! Then we fry: saute onions, carrots, red beets, sweet peppers and add tomato paste) Put potatoes, cabbage into the broth, at the end of cooking we add frying, seasonings for taste and greens. In a plate of sour cream ... mmm!

  • Looking for a borscht. I know at least seven ways to cook borscht. With and without reel. With mushrooms, prunes, beet soup without cabbage. With and without tomato paste. But all of them have the same broth, greens and spices, carrots and onions. Cabbage is present in most recipes, and we don’t even imagine borscht without it. It is not necessary to follow specific recipes, the main thing is to cook with the soul and it will be delicious.

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