How to store red caviar?

How to store red caviar?

  • First, it should immediately be noted that the fact that the eggs for further storage is best to shift into glass masonry. Glass in this situation is the best assistant in storage. Next, cover the eggs with a lid on top. And so put it higher in the refrigerator. So the caviar can not deteriorate yet for a week.

  • Every year we fly to Kamchatka on vacation and bring from there a lot of red caviar (6-8 kg each), since the most delicious red caviar is Kamchatka. We store it in the refrigerator (upper), on the coldest shelf unopened for 2-3 months boldly, without fear that it will be lost. We treat relatives and friends, put them on the table on holidays. Only undersalted caviar can disappear, and moderately salted caviar will not be lost.

    How to store red caviar?

  • In a refrigerator in a plastic container, which is well closed. and if necessary for a very long time, it is recommended in the freezer

  • As you know, preservatives are added to caviar, and, by the way, not so little. It is also known that salt is also a preservative.

    According to standards, canned red caviar can be stored for eight months - a year at a temperature of minus 46C. And sometimes from three months, if the preservatives were deliberately put in a little ...

    Caviar can not be stored in the freezer: the eggs will burst. In industrial conditions, the raw material is frozen, but it is carefully slowly thawed.

    In the open form, the caviar rapidly oxidizes and deteriorates, therefore, caviar should be eaten immediately after opening the can. You can transfer the caviar from a tin can into a small glass container and close it tightly with a film, so the caviar can be stored for a day or two.

    How to store red caviar?

  • In the package and in the freezer! When you need to pinched off a piece per kilogram and again the remainder in place! I always do this with caviar, I think that you can do it with red too! I do not really like red, I need a lot of cholesterol!)))

  • It is best to buy a little red caviar and use it for 2-3 days, you can certainly store it longer, but in a very gemetic container, at a temperature of about -4 degrees, since the eggs dry out and burst from interaction with air. It is also not worth freezing it, since the eggs burst from the low temperature and the taste of the caviar changes ...

  • This caviar is sold in shops in small bags that do not make up not only a few people, but also one person to eat at a time. If there is a desire to eat longer, then we must take into account that open feces can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 days. In order that the caviar does not dry, you can put the open jar in a plastic bag, which in turn is tied. This will help to avoid drying out. You can and shift to another mache, which tightly closes, but with the fact that the jar and so small it seems to me that it is not worth it, only the caviar will spread on the inner surface of another mantle.

  • It is best, of course, not to store red caviar for a long time, and for this purpose not to buy it in excessive quantities. As far as I know, the maximum shelf life of red caviar in the refrigerator in open form is a maximum of 5 days. And store better in a closed container.

  • My parents live in the Far East, and I'm in the central region, fly to them a couple of times a year, always bring out a lot of red caviar. You know, in such half-liter plastic jars, in them just a half a kilo of caviar enters.

    I freeze it before departure. While I arrive, she does not have time to thaw. And immediately to the freezer. Then it can be stored for a long time (up to eight months).

    I got the jar, set it to thaw, and you can eat.

    It is important to thaw in the cold, that is, in the refrigerator.

    The caviar does not lose its taste qualities in such storage.

    So, safely freeze and store without fear, the caviar will not spoil.

  • It is better to store red caviar in a refrigerator in a closed container. But it should not last more than a week. Then the caviar becomes old, and then it disappears completely.

    Some people advise caviar to pour olive oil or sunflower oil. I'm against it. It will not be caviar, but caviar with butter. Very different tastes.

  • Transfer to a jar, pour a little olive or sub-oil on top.

    Close and in the fridge. But this is not for the Year.

    Caviar needs to be stored correctly: red - at -4-6? C. Store caviar on the coldest shelf in the refrigerator. Close the open jar very tightly, and eat the contents within a week - the caviar will not live longer.

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