Georgian cabbage with beets - no vinegar

Such cabbage not only looks luxurious, but also surpasses fresh vegetable in the content of nutrients.

Salted cabbage with beets contains a whole mineral wealth: potassium, iodine, iron, magnesium, chlorine, cobalt, fluorine, copper, sulfur, selenium and others.

Pickled cabbage

It is also worth considering that in 100 grams of such a snack there are only 30-35 kcal, which makes this product dietary and relevant for those who are losing weight.

To cook cabbage with beets in Georgian style, you will need:

  • small heads of cabbage, white variety - only 3 kg;
  • sweet beets, burgundy - 1,5 kg;
  • garlic - large heads, 2 pcs;
  • leafy celery - 2 medium bunches;
  • hot chilli peppers, red variety - 2 pcs;
  • coarse salt, rock salt - 3 tbsp. lies. with a slide;
  • bottled or filtered water - 2 liters.


1. First of all, we deal with the brine, since by the time of pouring it must completely cool down. Therefore, we immediately put the water on the fire, heat boiling water, in which we dissolve the entire portion of salt. Let us cool the solution.

2. Next, cut the washed cabbage - together with a young stump - into several small slices

3. Clean healthy beets and chop them into semicircles or thin circles. Then the garlic, also peeling and dividing into cloves, is cut into slices (3-4 for each tooth).

4. Free hot peppers from seeds and rinse, then cut into rings.

5. We take dishes for pickles (enamel bowl, saucepan, barrel or three-liter jar). We put it in layers in this order: part of the beet, then part of the cabbage, another red vegetable, then garlic and a little pepper, several branches of celery. We continue the layers, filling the entire container, or how many products are enough.

6. Pour cold brine into a container with vegetables. Close with a lid and at room temperature (but not in the sun!) Leave the pickles for 4-5 days. To make the vegetables evenly salted, gently mix the layers with a clean spoon every day.

7. Delicious, beautiful, fragrant Georgian cabbage with beets is ready! Next, we rearrange it for storage in the cool. When serving, you don't even need to season with something, in itself a spicy and tasty snack.

Pickled cabbage in Georgian (in Gurian) recipe with video

Pickled Cabbage with Beets (Very Simple Homemade Recipe)

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