Fried shrimp with garlic and soy sauce - recipe. Fried shrimp sauce

Fried shrimp with garlic and soy sauce are considered to be one of the most delicious hot appetizers in the world. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, prepare this dish for a holiday. By the way, shrimps can be served even during lax fasts, when the range of acceptable dishes is narrowing, but you really want something tasty.

fried shrimp with garlic and soy sauce

The combination of salty soy sauce and hot garlic came to us from Asia. The national cuisines of China, Thailand, Korea and many other eastern countries are famous for their mixing of flavors. Therefore, another component is often found in such a sauce - sweet honey. It complements not only the taste, but also the structure. However, you should not immediately take risks with gastronomic experiments. The time will come for them when the basic recipe is mastered to perfection.

The culinary value of shrimp

In cooking, there are different recipes: shrimp dishes are popular all over the world. This is not surprising, because seafood is rich in light protein, trace elements and vitamins. The chefs also respect shrimp for their expressive decorative qualities. Plus, the shellfish looks attractive. Dishes based on them are easy to decorate. The taste of this component is peculiar, active, recognizable. It is easy to select suitable add-ons for it.

shrimp recipes

How to choose a caliber?

Cooking shrimp dishes is where size matters. In the language of professionals, it is called “caliber”. Remember: the smaller the shellfish, the larger the numbers on its packaging will be. Simply put, the caliber makes it clear how many shrimp fit in one kilogram. The largest, royal, weigh an average of 100 grams. Accordingly, they have a caliber of 10.

how to fry shrimp in a pan

The most common in domestic supermarkets are shrimp with caliber 90/120 and 60/90. They are, of course, much cheaper than royal ones. But they taste pretty good. Anyone who has tried different calibers knows that fried shrimp with garlic and soy sauce is delicious anyway. It doesn't matter if you buy the smallest or the largest shellfish - any kind allows you to use culinary recipes. Large shrimp dishes take longer to cook. Small ones can be fried faster.

To clean or not?

Before frying shrimp in a pan, you probably thought about whether you need to remove the heads, legs and shells. It depends on the format of the event at which they will be presented. You can beautifully peel a whole fried shrimp, but not everyone can do it. If you are afraid to put some of the guests in an uncomfortable position, do not risk it - serve the shellfish without chitin.

recipe for fried shrimp with sauce

However, if you are planning not a solemn feast, but home gatherings with close friends, it makes sense to preserve the shells. They keep the juices inside the carcass, the shellfish are more aromatic. This recommendation is especially relevant if you are using medium-sized shrimp.

Aromatic oil for frying

You can fill a dish with amazing tastes and smells using the oil in which it will be cooked. Before frying the shrimp in a pan, heat the olive oil by adding a few rings of ginger, 2 cloves of garlic crushed with a knife, a pinch of dried vegetables, and sprigs of herbs. When the oil starts to steam, take out these ingredients and load the seafood. They will take in all the best.

Preparing for cooking

First of all, prepare the sauce. He needs to stand a little. Mix 2 tbsp in a bowl. l. sugar and 150 ml of soy sauce. Mix thoroughly, add two chopped cloves of garlic, a spoonful of vegetable oil and seasoning. Leave at room temperature. This is enough to cook 500 grams of shellfish. Then it all depends on what kind of shrimp you use. Fresh ones are unlikely to be bought, but they do not need preparation either. Pour ice-cream without glaze with boiling water or keep it in a double boiler for 40 seconds. Blanch the glazed shrimp in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

shrimp in soy sauce with garlic recipe

If you plan to clean them, gently tear off the heads, remove the paws and shells. Leave the tail fins with the outermost segment of the shell - it will be convenient for them to hold ready-made shrimp. In some breeds of molluscs, intestines are clearly visible on the underside of the tail. Be sure to remove it by pulling it with your fingers or picking it up with a knife. Everything is ready - you can start. Let's start cooking our fried shrimps with garlic and soy sauce.

Process subtleties

To prepare 500 g of shellfish, it is advisable to take a frying pan with a diameter of at least 30 cm. The fact is that the shrimp should be fried, not stewed. Too high a layer will result in heat loss and moisture release. Consequently, the mollusks will not fry in oil, but languish in their own juice. Therefore, we will thoroughly heat the pan with fragrant oil and send the shrimps there. Distribute them evenly on the surface and leave them alone for a couple of minutes. Immediately it is worth preparing the dishes, into which we will later send our ready-made shrimps in soy sauce with garlic.

fried king prawns in soy sauce

The recipe according to which we made the sauce allows you to get a rather thick and beautiful result. You need to add it to the pan when the shrimps are fried on both sides. Pour in the sauce and mix thoroughly. The dish will begin to boil actively. The sauce will melt right before your eyes. This is as it should be - it spreads over the wavy surface of the shrimp backs, filling them with aroma. Simmer for a couple of minutes without stopping stirring. Then transfer to prepared dishes. Many shrimp recipes use fresh herbs for decorative purposes. She will not overshadow the taste of seafood, but emphasize it, make it even more interesting.

Serving food and etiquette

Fried king prawns in soy sauce are a gourmet dish. In the restaurant, it is served in portions, on flat plates as an independent dish. They eat this snack with their hands. If the shrimp have tail fins, you can take it for them. For the convenience of guests, small plates for shells and fins are served at the table, as well as bowls with lemon-scented water. If thinly sliced ​​lemons are served with seafood, and not water, remember: they are not for eating, but for rubbing your fingers. The taste of citrus, by the way, does not harmonize so well with seafood, drowning out their active aroma. They are usually used for hygiene purposes. However, sour juice can be added to sauces in moderation.

fried shrimp sauce

The exception is completely peeled shrimp in a sauce, served with pasta, rice or vegetables. They need to be eaten with ordinary cutlery, picking on a fork along with a small amount of garnish. The relaxed atmosphere of friendly gatherings is quite another matter. Fried shrimps with garlic and soy sauce can be served in a common dish, from which they are taken one at a time and eaten. Feel free to clean the clams with your hands, folding the shells and heads into a separate bowl.

Fried shrimp sauces

Even if clams have been cooked in soy sauce, other suitable options are often served with them. The absolute majority of oriental options are perfect for seafood: Thai, Japanese and Chinese. But you can make a sauce for fried shrimp yourself, and more than one.

fried shrimp with garlic and soy sauce

Think about what will harmonize with your dish the most? Make one hot sauce, one tomato sauce, and one tender. The following ideas will help you make your choice:

  1. Horseradish sauce. It goes well with seafood. Rub a small root and blend into a nice sweet ketchup. If the taste does not seem interesting to you, add a couple of drops of balsamic. Prepare this sauce before frying the shrimp in the pan. It must be infused.
  2. Mix equal parts mayonnaise and sour cream (150 ml each). Add a few drops of lemon and orange juice. Season with salt and sprinkle with finely chopped dill. This mixture will accentuate the flavor of the main ingredient.
  3. Grate 200 g of processed cheese. Fry the grated large onion. Add cheese, stir and transfer to a sauce bowl. You can simply stir cream cheese slightly warmed up in the microwave with a little greens and crushed garlic. Serve shrimp cheese sauce hot.

Recommended alcohol

If you are attracted by the recipe for fried shrimp with sauce and you want to try it at the next holiday, think over the menu to the smallest detail. It is customary to serve white wines - dry and semi-dry with seafood dishes. Light champagne is also suitable for especially festive events.

shrimp recipes

But fried prawns are especially good with light to medium light beers. Chill the alcohol to 10-12 degrees, and serve the shrimp warm. This great combination is perfect for any celebration with friends.

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