People, advise a very good tea, eh?

People, advise a very good tea, eh?

  • I highly recommend to try the real Ceylon tea Mackwoods Tea (it is ideal to brew and taste real black tea), once brought it from Sri Lanka, by chance found in the online store advertising

  • I recommend to try Akbar leaf in their classic lineup. Unusually fragrant and pleasant tea, goes without additives and dyes. And brewing gives a very beautiful and rich color.

  • Krasnodar. Available in the Sochi Tea online store.

    People, advise a very good tea, eh?

  • I drink green with jasmine and lemon. And hibiscus, only leaf !! I have not been drinking black tea for a long time, because it is precisely the black tea that was under the Soviet Union, most likely no longer, aromatic with rich flavor shades. The Indian elephant, as it was popularly called, 36, Krasnodar, were very good and Georgian varieties of loose tea.

  • Would recommend shu pu-erh - excellent teas. But be sure to brew from the right way! You can start with small dots (but always perennial 5-8 years).

    I used to take what was closer to work, now I order constantly in one place -

    They will always advise, the pu-erhs are excellent - now I take well-known or tiles in bamboo. And at work I brew tochi (medallions or squares).

  • Try to buy by weight at a tea shop. there you will definitely find something to your taste. and again I will praise my beloved Puer. if it is right to brew, the energy will be flowing from you all day just a stream!

    only at night do not drink it).

  • I highly recommend this tea to you >>>

    Its name sounds like Tie Kuan Yin or in translation from the Chinese language "Iron Bodhisattva", agree intriguing)?

    People, advise a very good tea, eh?

    I myself love this type of street very much, so I was not too lazy to steal a picture from one of the sites. I can describe it as follows:

    The aroma of tea: floral, enchanting aroma of lilac, which is just starting to blossom

    The taste of tea: deep, slightly sweet, invigorating, with a pronounced aroma of lilac

    Color of infusion: light green color.

    Aftertaste: very long, with a bright hint of lilac

    Despite the huge overlapping in the description of floral notes, this tea is famous for its tart essence.

    Drinking it now, I can describe it for hours, carried away by the cunning interweaving of taste aromas, but I will not do this revealing all the secrets and mysteries of this wonderful drink. Having tried it, you will not remain indifferent - I can assure you)

    Pleasant and soulful tea.

  • Try Chinese teas.

    Here, depending on preferences.

    But I know an online store, whose employees will be able to advise you on the choice of Chinese tea to your taste, or rather

    And try milk oolong or a red robe (Da Hong Pao)

Why is GREEN TEA harmful and for whom is it harmful?

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