Okroshka with rhubarb - recipe

A very tasty dish with a refreshing, rich, slightly sour taste. Prepared with rhubarb broth, it turns out an excellent base for okroshka, replacing kvass or whey.

Oxalic acid, which is abundant in rhubarb stalks, gives the broth sourness. But with this plant, as well as dishes from it, people with stomach ulcers and acid-dependent gastritis should be careful. The proposed recipe for okroshka with rhubarb will only benefit everyone else: it will refresh, energize, nourish with valuable vitamins.

Necessary ingredients:

  • peeled rhubarb stalks - 500 gr;
  • Potatoes - 4 pcs;
  • fresh cucumber - 1-2 pcs;
  • radish - 150 gr;
  • eggs - 4-5 pcs;
  • greens of dill, young onions and parsley - a large joint bunch;
  • choice of ham or boiled sausage - 400 gr;
  • salt and ready-made mustard taste.


1. Rhubarb stalks, already peeled, lightly rinse and place in a saucepan. Cover with water, let it boil and boil for exactly 2 minutes, no longer. With prolonged heat treatment, the oxalic acid concentrate will increase, the broth will turn out to be too acidic. Cool the finished rhubarb broth under the lid.

2. Meanwhile, boil eggs for okroshka, then potatoes. We also cool everything, crumbling into cubes. Cut ham / sausage into strips, cucumbers into cubes, and radish into thin circles.

3. We wash thoroughly the young onion and all the greens. As it dries up from moisture, cut it finely. Separate half of the onion in a bowl and knead so that it lets the juice out. Then add salt and mustard there to taste - this will be a dressing.

4. When the broth cools down, take out the rhubarb from it, and put all the cut ingredients, mix, dressing there. And chill in the refrigerator before serving. Okroshka with rhubarb will be even tastier if seasoned with sour cream.

Bon appetit!

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