What kind of cod liver is better?

What kind of cod liver is better?

  • Now it makes crappy cod liver, which partially does not meet the accepted quality standards.

    And many producers of liver from Murmans also sin with this (including "Ararat", "Polinet" and others). Here is a more detailed report on this on Channel One.

    So I don't even know who to call the best (of the worst).

  • The highest quality cod liver produced in Murmansk, I know because it is made there on the shore, not subject to freezing, and it tastes great.

  • I don't know how anyone, but I like cod liver from the manufacturer "5 seas".

    What kind of cod liver is better?

    No matter how much I buy, it always tastes great, has a beautiful and even color. The taste, you will lick your fingers - tender, soft.

    True, in the program "Joint Purchase" another manufacturer became the winner, but my opinion is unshakable.

Mühler fish oil and cod liver - which is better?

Live healthy! Best Food Ever: Cod Liver (18.12.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX)

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