Recipes of sweet pastries with pineapple?

Recipes of sweet pastries with pineapple?

  • Once I saw in the series "Housewives" the "Tar Taten" pie with pineapples. Well, he was very appetizing there and some name ... I didn’t know before sitting down. In general, I climbed to rummage in the internet. I found it, read it and as it turned out, this cake was invented quite by accident, and became a real masterpiece. If it is interesting, read about him. And I will write a recipe for this cake with biscuit dough (it can be cooked with shortbread and yeast and puff pastry, in general, whoever likes it. I liked this particular variation)


    On a hot frying pan put 150 gr. butter. Wait until it melts and add 150 gr. Sahara. With constant stirring, bring the sugar to complete dissolution. Then, add the pineapple, previously cut into pieces. The fruit will gradually caramelize, quench it 10 min (if it is canned pineapple) and 25-30 (if fresh). In the end, you can add rum or rum essence. While we are extinguishing pineapple, we can do the test.

    The recipe for a biscuit dough:

    1 st. flour, 1st, sugar, 5 eggs

    Whisk eggs with sugar 10 min. Then add the baking powder and flour to the egg mixture, gently mix and beat until smooth.

    For baking, you need to take a mold with removable edges. Lubricate it around the edges with oil and cover it with flour. Put our caramelized pineapples on the bottom of the mold and gently level them. Then we pour out our dough and put it in a preheated oven. Bake at 180C for about 30 - 40 minutes.

    Do not forget that when baking biscuit dough, the first 20 minutes the oven can not be opened, because the dough can not rise!

    When the cake is ready, we take it out of the oven, let it cool down a bit, take off the sides of the mold and spread it upside down on the dish (ie, pineapple up)

    Bon appetit!

  • Curd cake with pineapple.

    Ingredients for the dough: 1 egg, 2 tbsp flour, 100 g butter, 200 g cottage cheese, 0 tbsp sugar, 5 tbsp. l. sour cream, 1 tsp. soda, 1 tbsp. l. vinegar

    For cream: 200 g cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 2 st. l. sour cream, 0, 5 st sugar.

    For the filling: 1 can of canned pineapple slices.

    Beat the egg with sugar, add sour cream and softened butter, all together shake well. Soda to extinguish with vinegar and add to the whipped mass, gradually add the flour, mix and knead the soft dough, cover with food wrap and put into the refrigerator for 30-40 min.

    For cream: mix all the ingredients until smooth and remove into the refrigerator.

    Form the baking grease, stretching his hands, spread the dough on the bottom of the mold, forming the skirts.

    Pieces of pineapple should be drained from the syrup and spread over the dough, top with curd cream, put the form in an oven heated to 180 degrees for about 45 min. Then take the finished pie out of the oven and cool it in a mold, gently lay it on the dish.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Recipes of sweet pastries with pineapple?

  • Prepare Pineapples в puff pastry. This is incredibly delicious, hearty baking. A wonderful dessert to the table, or to tea.

    These puffs are made very quickly, not difficult.

    Let's take the following products: yeast-free puff pastry - 450 - 500 g, a jar of pineapples in syrup, one egg if desired, pitted raisins if desired, powdered sugar for decoration.

    So, start making pineapple puffs.

    The dough should be thawed beforehand.

    Further we will roll out on a working surface in a layer. We cut into stripes with strips no more than 1,5 in width.

    We will wrap these dough ribbons around the pineapple rings.

    We dry the pineapple with a napkin, which were taken out of the can beforehand and allowed to drain the syrup.

    You can try wrapping one or two pineapple rings first.

    We pass the tape into the hole, wind it in turns, more conveniently through the top. We wrap the whole ring. At the end we fix the dough so that it does not "unwind". We put a zest or a berry in the middle.

    When it was not possible to make a "chamomile", if the first pancake is lumpy, you can make a "horn".

    Recipes of sweet pastries with pineapple?

    Recipes of sweet pastries with pineapple?

    When the pineapples are ready, they can be folded onto a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Lubricate the surface of the dough with an egg, this adds shine. You can not lubricate at will. Then leave to bake in a preheated oven at a temperature of about 200 C until tender. Let brown, about 15 to 18 minutes.

    Next, we get the finished puffs.

    Let the dough with pineapple cool. Then sprinkle powder. Puffs with pineapple are ready!

    Aromatic, gentle baking to the table for dessert.

    Bon appetit!

    Recipes of sweet pastries with pineapple?

Pineapple cake ...

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