Funchoza salad: recipe at home, photo

One of the most original Asian dishes is the Funchoza salad. You can choose any recipe at home: with chicken, mushrooms, tofu or meat. We offer several options.

The main stages of cooking rice noodles

As noted, the most popular dish from this semi-finished product is the "Funchoza" salad. The recipe at home will be successful if you cook the vermicelli correctly. Overcooked funchose is soggy and sticky, and undercooked - sticks to the teeth.

The cooking process depends on the type of noodles.

If the diameter of the noodles is 0,5 mm, then it is enough to fill it with boiling water, add vegetable oil, stir and close the lid. One liter is needed for one hundred grams of a semi-finished product. After five minutes, drain the noodles.

If the diameter exceeds 0,5 mm, the cooking process will be different.

1. Pour cold water into a saucepan and put the semi-finished product into it. It takes five minutes for the vermicelli to soak.

2. Heat water in another saucepan, add vegetable oil and bring to a boil.

3. Drain the noodles and cook. At this stage, be sure to add plenty of salt, add your favorite seasonings and spices. This vermicelli is able to absorb any smell and taste.

4. Stir gently. Boil the noodles for no more than four minutes and drain. No need to rinse. Next we have the Funchoza salad according to the plan. Choose any recipe at home.

Nests made from these noodles are brewed differently. Tie all skeins with a thread, put in a saucepan, add salt, vegetable oil and boiling water. Put on a small fire and wait for the water to boil. Throw back the groats and rinse. Cut the thread before serving.

Funchoza vegetable salad. Recipe at home

Put the boiled noodles on a paper towel and leave to cool.

funchose salad recipe at home

Cut the cucumber into long thin strips, grate the radish and place in a deep bowl. Add noodles, Korean carrots and some soy sauce. In a separate bowl, stir in chopped garlic with olive oil. Season the dish and mix well.

Chicken, spinach and baked vegetable salad

The dish turns out to be very aromatic and unusual in taste.

Salad "Funchoza" recipe at home with chicken recommends cooking from noodles with a diameter of 0,5 mm. Therefore, she can be dealt with at the very last moment.

Cooking vegetables first. Cut the onion into wedges and a small piece of pumpkin into cubes. Grease them with olive oil, season with salt and bake in the oven for fifteen minutes. Boil chicken fillet and break into fibers. Prepare funchose.

funchose salad recipe at home photo

Transfer all warm ingredients to a saucepan. Season with soy sauce, olive oil, chopped garlic. Put fresh spinach leaves in a warm dish. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Funchoza salad. Homemade beef and tofu recipe

First, bake the meat and cut into small cubes. Boil funchose with boiling water and leave covered for ten minutes. Then rinse and leave in a colander. The water should drain completely.

Cut the tofu into medium cubes. Chop the garlic, a piece of ginger and put in a deep bowl. Pour in soy sauce, lime juice and sugar. Mix thoroughly, add tofu and beef. Leave to marinate.

Cut the cucumber and red bell pepper into thin strips. Heat oil, put tofu and meat in it. Then put the carrots and fry for two minutes. Then pepper and, last but not least, a cucumber. Pour over the remaining marinade. Fry everything together over low heat for a few minutes. The vegetables should be soaked in the sauce.

funchose salad recipe at home with meat

Put noodles on a plate, and on top - vegetables with beef and tofu.

"Funchoza" with meat and vegetables

This dish requires noodles with a diameter greater than 0,5 mm. It is recommended to prepare it as described above. Then the Funchoza salad will be delicious. The homemade meat recipe can be used to prepare both cold and hot meals.

It will require veal tenderloin. This meat is very tender and aromatic. Cut it into long strips. Fry over low heat with onion cubes. When the beef is cooked, add strips of red and green bell peppers to the pan, and after a while add the sliced ​​cucumber in the same way. Simmer everything together, add chopped garlic and ginger.

funchose salad recipe at home with chicken

Put the noodles in the pan, stir quickly and serve, sprinkle with parsley. This dish can also be served cold.

Appetizer "Appetizing"

And here's another great Funchoza salad. The recipe at home, photos and the main stages of preparation can be found below. This dish requires noodles with a diameter of no more than 0,5 mm.

First, you need to prepare a rich fish broth from the bones of salmon fish. Be sure to salt it. Leave the broth aside to infuse.

funchose salad recipe at home with beef

Carrots, red bell peppers and cucumber are traditionally cut into strips. Fry chopped garlic and a little ginger in a saucepan. Add carrots, after seven minutes - bell pepper, and then cucumber. While the vegetables are fried, boil seven large and small shrimps. Clear them.

Put funchose in boiling broth, turn off the heat and close the lid. There should be a little liquid. Pour into bowls, add shrimp and vegetables. Recommended to be served immediately, sprinkled with fresh parsley.

It is not recommended to prepare such an appetizer in advance, as the noodles can swell and lose their structure.

Rice noodles with mushrooms and spinach

This dish turns out to be aromatic, unusual in taste and very nutritious.

funchose salad recipe at home with mushrooms

Let's start with mushrooms. Prepare dried shiitake as directed on package directions. Cut the mushrooms into slices, pour over soy sauce, add sugar and sesame oil. Marinate for five minutes.

Cooking thin vermicelli and setting it aside.

Bring water to a boil, add salt and spinach. It should turn bright green. Drain, rinse with cold water and squeeze out a little.

Cut the onion, carrot and bell pepper into thin strips.

Now we begin to fry everything.

Pour oil into the pan, add all the vegetables. Season with salt, pepper and put on a plate.

Now we fry the mushrooms for two minutes and add funchose. Mix everything well. Next, put vegetables and spinach into the pan. Fry over low heat for two minutes.

For the salad, make a dressing with soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil. It is recommended to serve immediately as it is a warm Funchoza salad. The homemade mushroom recipe can be supplemented with meat or tofu. It turns out to be a very tasty dish.

When preparing the "Funchoza" salad, it is necessary to put the salt very carefully. Because soy sauce is usually added according to the recipe.

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