The best burgers in Moscow


Burger, at first glance, the food is uncomplicated: a bun and a meat cutlet. Is it possible to spoil it or, conversely, turn it into a culinary masterpiece? It turns out that you can. Where are the best burgers in Moscow sold? In the article you will find a list of the 14 most interesting establishments from this point of view.

Shake Shack Restaurant

Burgers are made from natural meat, fresh vegetables are added to the filling. The dish turns out to be juicy and very tasty, similar to what is fed in New York. In addition to the burger, regular guests strongly recommend taking fries with our signature cheese sauce. They assure that he is divine.

KudaGo Petersburg: 10 best burgers

Despite the fact that this is a fast-service establishment, it has a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere and friendly staff.

where are the best burgers in Moscow

Steakhouse Torro Grill

This is a chain of six restaurants, positioning itself as the first affordable steakhouse in Moscow. The menu includes American classics, among which, of course, the best burgers in Moscow take pride of place. There are classic options, and there is also a branded one: it is expensive, its size is impressive, the recipe is original.

Connoisseurs of meat note the impeccable taste of the meat component of the dish. As it should be in a good steakhouse.

the most delicious burgers in Moscow

The Burger Brothers kiosk

Already from the name it becomes clear what constitutes the basis of the menu. You can try both the classic version of the dish and the completely special one. Local chefs are renowned for offering unconventional solutions. For example, a beetroot cutlet, yogurt sauce or lingonberry sauce. Convinced vegetarians will find a suitable option for themselves here.

There is nothing extra in the dish, the perfect balance of flavor, especially if you add traditional fries.

the best burgers in Moscow

Corner burger

Another restaurant with a distinctive name. What is its peculiarity? Burger buns are baked here themselves, they turn out to be soft, with an appetizing crispy crust. The meat is fried right there, in front of visitors. What else do you need for a perfect meal?

The names are distinguished by originality and subtle humor. For example, the rabbit cutlet burger is called "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

There are also non-standard dish solutions. How do you like the option with lamb cutlet and Adyghe cheese or a burger with buckwheat bun and exotic sauce?


Another steakhouse on the list of places serving the best burgers in Moscow. It is a chain of several restaurants. They treat meat very scrupulously. Starting from the moment of choosing raw materials to serving the finished dish. You can complement the dish with a glass of good wine, there is a great choice here.

The signature dish is Premier-Goodman. It is prepared with the addition of chopped marbled beef and gherkins.

Starlite diner

If you go to this place, you will find out that the most delicious burgers in Moscow are not only American ones. Here you can try the Italian version, the Mexican one. Either option has a generous amount of filling and sauce.

For the hungry, a burger consisting of three cutlets with bacon is prepared here. Called Sean's Hamburger, it is served with an impressive serving of fries, cheese and hot chili sauce.

where are the best burgers in Moscow

True burgers

The institution is distinguished by affordable prices. The sale of burgers is done through a window, which in no way makes them worse. Regular customers assure that the taste is no worse than those served in expensive restaurants. Originality is also present. There are real vegetarian burgers made from organic products, Italian burgers with tender mozzarella, chicken and many more interesting variations.


It's already hard for you to choose where to try the best burgers in Moscow first? Now the task will become even more difficult. The menu of this establishment contains over 20 original burgers! Meat and vegetable cutlets were used for the filling. But even this is not the strength of Frendy's, but in the sauces. If for some reason you are still thinking about where to go, then now there will be a final argument - a huge portion contains salad and potatoes (fries or country style).

BB & Burgers

Do you think a drunken granny is delicious? They say that very much. It is under this name that the main hit of the menu is served in this institution - a burger with gorgonzola cheese and cranberry jam.

Let's imagine what this dish would be in Georgia? Probably with tkemali sauce, basil and feta cheese. This is how it is prepared at BB & Burgers. Mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes are added to the Italian version. Natural beef cutlet is added to all types of burgers. Another feature of the establishment is the uniform price.


Are you so versed in burgers that nothing will surprise you? Have you tried it on black bread?

where to taste the most delicious burgers in Moscow

This place serves the best burgers in Moscow on a rye bun. This is not the only surprise you might encounter while tasting your dish. Fried pepper is added to the filling, chicken cutlet is combined with guacamole, and the vegetarian version is made from quinoa.

Each type of burger has already found its ardent fans. Food is taken away here. This is a feature of the institution's format.

Beverly hills diner

This is not only a place where you can taste the most delicious burgers in Moscow, but also an amazing atmosphere. It's a vibrant old Hollywood feeling. Waitresses deliver orders on rollers, timeless rock and roll sounds, instead of tables - "Cadillacs". However, the main character here is burgers. With bacon, American cheese and barbecue sauce, there is an option with Swiss cheese and blue cheese sauce, for those who like it hot: with chili and scalding sauce.

Haven't found your perfect burger on the menu? No problem, collect it yourself from the many ingredients.

where are the most delicious burgers in Moscow

"Minced meat"

Another place with affordable prices. The menu has classic options, and there is also an original improvisation with mushroom stew in the filling. The secret of success is in a special recipe for buns. Boiled potatoes are added to their dough.

Wing or Leg Pub

The establishment was included in this review because of the burger with turkey cutlet, as well as variations with spicy Korean cabbage and crispy pork. Traditional potatoes are cooked here in an unusual corn breading. Despite the menu, which is worthy of a good restaurant, the prices here remain affordable.


A bit of London atmosphere in modern Moscow - that's what this place is. The local representatives received the title of "the best burgers in Moscow" thanks to the English style of their preparation, which is typical for London. There are more than ten original variations on the menu. This is a wasabi and ginger burger, a more familiar interpretation of a rabbit cutlet, which claims to be a gourmet dish filled with foie gras. An unexpected twist in the plot - salmon or Murmansk cod.

All ingredients, including buns, are browned in a special charcoal oven. As regular visitors assure, it turns out very tasty.

Where to taste the most delicious burgers in Moscow is a difficult and simple question at the same time. There are many establishments offering decent food, which can hardly be called fast food. But making a choice among them is difficult. However, for true fans it will not be difficult to bypass them all and make their own rating.

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