How much to fry fish in a pan? Cooking tips

Salmon steak. Fish in a frying pan without oil. We fry right!

Many of us love fried fish, especially when cooked properly: slightly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Undoubtedly, this is a very appetizing food. Regardless of whether you bought this product in the store or got your own catch, everyone should learn how to fry fish.

how much to fry fish in a pan

The most difficult moment in the cooking process is the time - it is important not to overdry this delicate delicate product. That is why it is important to understand how long to fry the fish until it is fully cooked.

Which view is best?

Since there are so many types of fish available today, it can be confusing which one is the best. For frying, it is better to take lean sea or river varieties: trout, striped bass, sea bass, pollock, tilapia and cod. As a rule, breeds with white meat are best when fried. Before frying river fish, you need to properly cut it: freshwater species often have scales that need to be peeled off, and also have many bones that it is advisable to choose during pre-processing.

Why is this so? First of all, because for cooking in a pan it is necessary to use a certain amount of vegetable or butter (which is the best way to fry fish - this is already a matter of personal preference). For this reason, oily species such as salmon, tuna or Chilean sea bass can become too oily and unattractive when cooked. These varieties are best cooked on a grill or roasting pan.

how to fry fish in a pan in flour

Preparatory stage

So you've got a good white fish. You can choose whether to cook it in flour or breadcrumbs. Using this layer of powder will give the product more texture and volume. This will also determine how much to fry the fish in the pan. If you are going to roll it in flour, first dip the slices in a bowl of milk or a raw egg for three to five minutes. This helps to avoid burning.

Take a frying pan, pour in a few tablespoons of oil, preferably specially designed for heating to high temperatures. The latter include safflower, sunflower and grape seed oil. You can also use ghee to add flavor to the product. In any case, the container should be well greased - you need to cover the bottom. Regardless of how much you fry the fish in the pan, the layer of oil should be sufficient. It is only important that the pieces do not float in it.

how to fry river fish

How to fry fish in a pan in flour?

People often avoid cooking fish for many reasons, including fear of unpleasant odors in the apartment. But the main reason why people hesitate to undertake a culinary experiment is that many do not know how to fry fish in a pan in flour. This is especially true for fillets, because they are very tender.

Preheat a skillet and wait for the oil to heat up. It is advisable to sprinkle a few drops of water into it - if the contents of the container begin to sizzle and splatter, you can start cooking. Place the fish in the skillet. It is advisable to prepare the "front" surface first. The skinless side is usually assumed. After placing your fish in the skillet, gently straighten it with a wooden spatula to prevent sticking.

what is better to fry

Frying time

How much to fry fish in a pan? This process usually takes about three to four minutes on one side. Then you should carefully turn each piece. Fish is usually cooked for about 10 minutes for every 3 cm of thickness. Obviously, most species are smaller. Use a wide spatula to turn the pieces over. Be careful not to damage the fish. Fry for another three to four minutes on the other side. You can orient yourself visually - the meat should turn white and be easily pierced with a fork.

Gently lift the fish out of the pan using a spatula. Arrange in bowls and serve immediately with a few lemon wedges and chopped parsley.

how to fry without oil

What rules do you need to keep in mind?

First of all, you should use a thick-bottomed pan. You need to heat it up very much before you start cooking. This is done over medium heat for a few minutes. It is advisable to use a non-stick steel or cast iron pan, but a regular one will work too. Modern cookware can ensure that the skin from the pieces will not stick, but you will not be able to get a brown crust. But you can understand how to fry without oil. Therefore, the choice depends only on you.

The product can stick to the dishes for two reasons: either the fish is not dry enough, or the pan is poorly heated. To avoid this, be sure to wipe down each piece of food with a tissue.

Use a neutral oil such as rapeseed oil or grape seed oil to avoid odor. Heat it well in a skillet - it should sizzle a lot when you add the fish.

how long to fry the fish

How to make fish with crispy skin?

Almost any fish sold with skin can be cooked crispy. Salmon or perch work well for this.

Make a few shallow cuts around the edges of the fillet pieces if the skin is particularly thin. This will help prevent curling.

Sprinkle fish fillets or chunks with salt and pepper just before cooking. If you add salt too early, moisture from the meat will begin to actively release. This will make the skin moist and the meat rough and dry.

Use a skillet that distributes heat evenly. Cast iron, stainless steel, or heavy models with a non-stick coating work best. The easiest way to bring them to the desired temperature and keep it.

Place the slices in hot oil, skin side down. When using a cast iron or stainless steel pan, the leather with the lump may adhere slightly to the bottom at first. But after a while she will fall behind by herself.

From the high temperature, the protein in the meat will begin to curl up, and the fish will begin to shrink and change shape. When this happens, the skin will only remain attached at the outer edges. Take a flexible paddle and press down on the meat until it is completely deformed. This ensures that the skin stays attached and comes out crispy.

How much to fry fish in a pan until crisp?

Let the fish grill on its own. Do not turn or slide it over the pan. Watch the cooking process carefully to avoid burning. The skin on each piece should not reach the consistency of chips. When you can see a golden brown hue on the skin, gently stretch a spatula under each piece and turn it over.

The fish will most likely flake and fall apart, so be very careful. At the moment, the degree of readiness is about 70 percent. How much to fry fish in a pan until cooked? You only have a couple of minutes to prepare the second side.

Fried fish side dishes

Serve such fillets preferably with a side dish of lentils or any other cooked bean product. You can combine fried fish with a spoonful of yogurt mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper, as well as fresh chopped vegetables - cucumber and radish with garlic. Perch is traditionally served on a bed of greens with a vegetable salad.

You can also garnish it with fried kale, boiled spinach, or raw Chinese cabbage. Fish is also served with fried potatoes, couscous or rice. In fact, the possibilities are endless. If you wish, you can make a tartar sauce that will go well with any of the side dishes.

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