Tips for a novice cook: how much to cook a turkey

Turkey meat is well suited for the nutrition of children, even those who suffer from various kinds of allergies. It is the very first meat with which it is recommended to acquaint infants, while you need to know how and how much to cook a turkey for a child in order to preserve all its useful elements.

Such meat contains in its composition a large amount of protein that promotes the growth of the child's body, as well as vitamins, phosphorus, and more. In addition, turkey helps to increase immunity, so it is recommended to use it from time to time. So, turkey meat for a child can be stewed, baked, boiled or steamed. Cooked meat is added to soups, cutlets or meatballs are made from it. Moreover, every mother should know not only how much to cook a turkey, but also how to do it correctly.

To do this, cook the meat separately for half an hour, drain the broth, add vegetables, pour in new water and cook until the latter are ready. The combination of vegetables and turkey is a good combination that energizes and strengthens the little person's health. It should be remembered here that broth is not recommended for children under two years of age, as it is considered a heavy food.

Considering how much to cook a turkey, if you want to cook broth (which will be consumed by adults), then it should be noted that the meat is placed only in cold water and boiled for half an hour. The meat for the second courses is dipped in boiling water, covered with a lid and cooked over low heat for up to an hour and a half, while the foam is not removed from the broth. Here it must be remembered that after cooking the meat decreases in volume, since more than 30% of the liquid leaves it in the broth.

Let's consider in detail how and how much to cook a turkey.

This bird can be cooked whole or cut.

1. If the turkey is cooked whole, it is placed in boiling water and cooked over medium heat for at least three hours. In the process, spices, carrots and onions are added. The cooked meat must be cooled and cut into portions.

2. For the soup, the turkey must be butchered by separating the breast, back, wings and thighs. Pour the pieces with cold water and cook over low heat for an hour and a half. You can add bay leaves, various roots and spices during the cooking process.

Considering how long it takes to cook a store bought turkey, especially if it's fillet, then it cooks much faster. So, the fillet is boiled for half an hour. To do this, put it in cold water and boil for the first fifteen minutes, after which it is taken out. When there is fifteen minutes before the end of cooking the soup, put the pieces of turkey back and cook when fully cooked.

It should be noted that turkey meat is rich in amino acids, vitamins, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. It helps prevent anemia, rapid absorption of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, normalization of heart activity, stimulation of brain activity. Therefore, it is recommended to consume turkey at least three times a week.

Thus, when it became known how much to cook a turkey, you can cook tasty and healthy dishes from this product, for example, "French turkey".

This will require one turkey, a bottle of red wine, one hundred grams of honey, butter, five hundred milligrams of consommé, two hundred grams of grapes and eight pieces of medlar, as well as juice from one lemon, shallots, salt and pepper.

First of all, you need to remove the guts of the bird and scald it. Pour water into a large bowl, add a little salt and bring to a boil. Put the turkey in there and cook for half an hour. The skin is removed from the grapes, the bones are taken out and the bird is stuffed with it. In a baking sheet, butter is melted and shallots are languishing, after which the turkey is placed there, poured with honey and fried. During frying, consommé and wine are poured in, their volume should be halved. The medlar is cleaned and laid out twenty minutes before the end of cooking. After all this, the finished turkey is laid out on a dish, while the resulting sauce is filtered, lemon juice, salt and pepper are added to it, and the bird is poured with it.

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