The salted fish has a smell. Is it okay to eat salted fish with a smell?

The salted fish has a smell. Is it okay to eat salted fish with a smell?

  • Sure you may! But not for long. You can also complement this wonderful dish with burnt bread, slightly rotten tomato, slightly sour milk and moldy cheese. The main thing is to know when to stop)))

  • I do not like fish with a smell and I will never eat it, somehow we got a wonderful dried carp in the store, the most wonderful in appearance, and when they cut it, I almost vomited, the smell was specific.

    In general, as far as I know, dried fish with a smell is normal. But I don't like that. I eat only fresh dried fish, otherwise I won't get pleasure from eating fish.

  • Everything has its own measure. If a salted fish has a smell, this is normal. But if this odor blows a bad smell, which seems to hint that this odor has appeared a long time ago, then it is better not to eat such fish.

    Once I went to the sea with friends. We found a sauna there. We got some beer, packed with dried pelengas and drove to the sauna. When it came to fish, they began to butcher each of his own fish. Everyone started fucking, like it stinks, fish with a smell and all that. As a result, the boys did not dare to eat fish. And then I ate mine, I also took it from my friends and ate it. As a result, the boys drank beer so that they vomited. And I was so carried away by fish that I mostly ate and occasionally drank beer. In the end, everyone got drunk, and I'm fine. And even from the fact that I ate a lot of fish with a smell - nothing happened to me. So the conclusion can be drawn as follows: it is not a fish with a smell that kills people - beer kills people.

  • Of course, you can eat it. Sprinkling it with lemon juice. You cannot store it for a long time.

  • In the Baikal and Transbaikal regions, the dish in the form of lightly salted fish Omul is considered a delicacy with a savor.

    As a rule, such fish are prepared by themselves; it is not worth purchasing it from unfamiliar people. Experienced hostesses of fishermen know how long the fish needs to be sustained so that it does not turn into poison, but at the same time it is quite tasty. There cannot be a clear recipe for this dish, because the line between readiness and the final spoilage of a product that has become poison is too thin.

  • In Russia, it is customary for some peoples to eat fish with a smell, but this is not a sign of backwardness or ignorance, this is a purely national tradition, but you should not talk about your peoples as dark personalities and in enlightened Europe this is the case, for example, when visiting fish restaurants When ordering fish dishes, Sweden can bring you a fish with a smell, and this also refers to national traditions, but the only answer to your question is that if you have a strong stomach, you can take a chance, just stock up on the appropriate pills, otherwise you never know what

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