Ear from the bellies of salmon in a slow cooker - recipe

This is a universal recipe for fish soup in a slow cooker. If you wish, you can always change the composition of the ingredients, depending on personal preferences and capabilities.

In the ear, the bellies of red fish are good, of course. But you can also cook this dish from simpler types of fillets, such as pike perch or sea bass.

Instead of tomatoes, put carrots and celery in the broth. In the meantime, try the basic recipe - with tender salmon bellies.

Necessary ingredients:

  • salmon (abdomen) - 400 gr;
  • potato - 350 gr;
  • leeks - 130 gr;
  • fresh tomatoes - 200 gr;
  • bulgarian pepper - 50 g each of red and green;
  • fresh dill - 5 branches;
  • water - 1,5-2 l;
  • salt and spices for fish soup.

How to cook fish soup in a multicooker

1. Wash the bellies of the salmon and vegetables with herbs - separately.

2. Peel the peppers and potatoes, peel off the skin from the tomatoes, before pouring boiling water over the red-cheeked fruits.

3. Cut the peeled vegetables into XNUMX-inch cubes. Chop the leek into thinner strips.

4. Put all the food in the multicooker. Pour drinking water into the bowl with the ingredients. Salt, spices there and mix with a spatula.

5. Close the cover of the assistant completely. Indicate on the panel the "Soup" mode and the time 60 minutes. Cook until beep. Open the multicooker, pour finely chopped dill into the ear.

Tip: to make your salmon ear even more fragrant, at the very beginning of cooking, put a bay leaf, fennel or parsley root, and a few peppercorns in the broth. Lavrushka and roots can be obtained after half an hour of cooking.

Bon appetit!

Recipe on how to cook a classic fish soup in a multicooker

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