Dessert "Homemade biscuit"

Desserts are very much appreciated by housewives not only for their original appearance and taste, but also for the fact that they allow you to show your imagination during cooking, because you can decorate a dessert in completely different ways, not always as indicated in the recipe or shown in the figure in the cookbook.

Dissert recipe Homemade biscuit

There can be a lot of desserts, but it is better to choose a simple recipe for your first culinary experiment that even an inexperienced novice housewife can handle. Today we offer you a simple but delicious dessert recipe. To prepare a dessert called "Homemade biscuit" you will need: one glass of flour, two glasses of sugar, five tablespoons of condensed milk, a glass of sour cream, two eggs, one teaspoon of vinegar, soda, one hundred thirty grams of butter, two tablespoons of starch and berry jam. 

These are very simple recipes and everything is very simple to prepare. At the beginning of cooking, you need sugar, condensed milk, egg yolks, beat into a white foam, and then add sour cream to them and mix everything into a single mass. Then pour the cooled proteins into a separate saucepan, where beat them until fluffy. Combine the resulting protein foam with the egg-milk-sour cream mass, mix, and then add flour, soda, starch, vinegar, salt and quickly knead the dough. 

Next, the finished dough must be poured into special round molds, pre-oiled and baked in an oven preheated to a temperature of two hundred degrees for about twenty minutes.

While the cakes are baked for the future dessert, it is necessary to start preparing the cream. To do this, soften the butter, and then beat with a mixer until a lush mass of a characteristic white color is formed. Then, three tablespoons of tablespoons of condensed milk must be poured into the resulting mixture and beat for three minutes until a single mass is formed. After the recommended time has elapsed, remove the finished cakes from the oven and allow them to cool.

At the final stage of cooking, it is necessary to start assembling the dessert, for which the lower cake needs to be covered with butter cream, and a second cake should be laid on it, on top of which a layer of jam is applied and this whole structure will be crowned with a third cake, which must be covered with cream and decorated with a pattern. You can choose absolutely any drawing, the one that will tell you your imagination. You can also decorate the dessert with ready-made culinary decorations or fruits - of your choice.

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