Nut jam - recipe

As you know, many housewives simply love to pamper their household with delicious and sweet jam. However, in this case, they usually limit themselves to fruits or sometimes vegetables, but for some reason they forget about such a useful product for our health as nuts.

Nut jam recipe

Today we decided to fill this gap and suggest you a delicious recipe for nut jam. By the way, here you just have a huge selection: jam from walnuts, their hazelnuts, almonds, etc. The main thing to remember here is that it is worth carrying out preliminary preparation of products, since some nuts can give a bitterness, and this should not be allowed in sweet jam.

So let's cook jam from nuts and apples, which will go well and complement each other's tastes, as experienced housewives and chefs say. To make such a jam, you will need apples, walnuts, sugar, a little lemon juice and gelatin.

Apples prepared, washed and cut into cubes will need to be sprinkled with gelling sugar, and left to simmer for 5 hours. After that, lemon juice is added to the mixture, and it is cooked over maximum heat for about XNUMX minutes. After that, nuts are added to the jam. If you decide to take not walnuts, but, for example, almonds, then do not forget to fry them in advance.  

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