Green tea is a treasure trove of nutrients

Today the Russian people drink tea in very large quantities, but, unfortunately, most often it is black. Although the traditions of tea drinking in Russia began precisely with green tea, when Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich received a valuable gift from the Mongolian Khan Altyn - four pounds of green tea leaves.

Useful properties of green tea

True, when the contents of the gift ended, the tradition was forgotten for 30 years, and only in 1665 another consignment of goods was purchased by the Russian ambassador to China. Soon, a contract for the supply of the beloved leaf was concluded, and a brisk tea trade began.

Many people know about the benefits green tea, but the reason for the dislike is explained by the lack of taste and smell, pallor of color. In a word, not tasty. In fact, taste buds that have adapted to the bitterness and astringency of black tea are not able to quickly pick up the delicate taste and aroma of green tea.

Probably, you need to make some effort in favor of your health and drink green tea for a while, then understanding will come. And knowledge about the benefits of this drink will increase the pleasure of drinking tea several times.

Not obvious benefit

The presence of amino acids, fluorine, calcium, iodine and phosphorus make this drink an irreplaceable product. It also contains vitamins of group "B", PP, carotene. And one cup contains four times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. In terms of tannin content, this tea also surpasses its "black brother".

All this allows us to speak about the beneficial effects of the drink on the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is able to relieve stress, normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, if medical treatment for periodontal disease does not bring the desired result, green tea can also help.

Not only heredity leads to periodontal disease, but prolonged diseases of the internal organs, which result in poor blood supply to the gums. The disease, as a rule, lasts a long and painful course, and as a result, it can lead to the complete loss of teeth.

Vitamin P, which was mentioned above, affects the elasticity of blood vessels and increases blood circulation, and it also helps the complete absorption of vitamin C. Perhaps, no one needs to explain how we need vitamin C. By the way, one average cup of tea contains the same amount of vitamin C, how many oranges.

For dental health, it is useful not only to drink the drink inside, but also to rinse the mouth. Due to the presence of fluoride, such rinsing will prevent not only periodontal disease, but also caries. The contained epigallocatechin gallate prevents the division of cancer cells, and iodine puts the endocrine system in order.

As you know, it is important to know when to stop in everything. If you suddenly decide to use the drink in bulk doses, it is unlikely that it will be for the good. Only unfermented loose leaf tea can be beneficial. Drink this magical "elixir" of health and longevity, and you will feel a surge of energy and strength.

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