How does an IT specialist differ from a sysadmin?

How does an IT specialist differ from a sysadmin?

  • Sysadmins are a subset of the larger set of IT managers. Sysadmins are usually responsible for the operation of the operating environment and the data network. In addition to sysadmins, many IT specialists include programmers, service engineers, application support specialists, and many others, including the boss of it all. If the volume of work is small, then all these functions can be combined by one person (the boss's dream).

  • Terminology:

    1. "IT specialist" is a jargon word derived from the abbreviation IT (Information Technology) - a person who is somehow connected with information technology. Their main (technologies) purpose is storage, processing and transmission of information.
    2. "Sysadmin" is short for "System Administrator" - a specialist who is responsible for the work of a computer network of any organization, and for the work of each computer separately included in this network. He is also responsible for installing and keeping up to date all the software that is used in the organization.

    In fact, an IT specialist and a Sysadmin are one and the same, but "Sysadmin" is a narrower focus.

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