What will happen if water disappears on planet Earth?

What will happen if water disappears on planet Earth?

  • There is no life without water. Without water, a person can survive for a maximum of 3 days.

  • Let's say the Earth loses the force of gravity and all the simple water goes into space ... It's sad, I know. All living things will die, and the worst thing is that this will happen gradually. Of course there is some water on Mars and maybe somewhere else ... But this is unlikely to save us.

  • Any highly organized life will disappear on earth. Only the simplest organisms - viruses will have a chance to survive.

    Let's just say that in order for life to disappear on Earth, the disappearance of the liquid form of water is enough. Not necessarily all the water at all. Ld and steam cannot sustain life for long. Our entire biosphere with highly organized life exists only thanks to plants. And they won't survive without liquid water. And, accordingly, they will die out. They will be followed by the extinction of animals and humans.

    And the Earth will turn into a desert like Mars, if the water is only in a solid state, or like Venus, if it is gaseous.

  • There will be dry round lifeless cobblestone, peacefully revolving around the sun.

  • If water disappears on planet Earth, then everything will begin to dry up, including living organisms.


    Because all living organisms and plants are made of water.

    For example, potatoes are 76% water, and humans are 50-86%.

    Water is vital for all life on earth.

    If there is no water, life will disappear.

  • We will become camels and eat thorns.

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