What is the iota of the Internet?

What is the iota of the Internet?

  • The Russian federal wireless mobile communication operator of 2 / 3 / 4G formats. Faced them a couple of times, both times was not satisfied with the quality of communication. In one place (in the center of the city), the connection was unstable, swam speed, but at times worked well, in the second case the connection was poor, switched to the MTS. There are firms that have a local lokalka running on the Internet through a Yota router, sometimes even the Internet works very quickly. In general, time is not necessary, for corporate work, where reliability of communication is important, I would not advise Yota. Yota is suitable only if you have a good signal level and the modem / router will not move.

  • This is one of the departments of Megafon, 4g Internet, high-speed, wireless Internet. For today, the city takes badly, everything depends on the coverage area.

    Powered by a USB modem and now costs about 3 thousand rubles per modem, tariffs start from 1000 rubles.

  • We have been using the YOTA 4G USB modem with the whole family for over a year. It cost 2000 thousand. The tariff is changeable to 900 rubles per month. In your personal account, we change the speed from 300 rubles (512 kb / s) to 900 rubles (unlimited), respectively, if you need to download something. And so 300 rubles a month is normal. We live far from the center. The connection is good. A smartphone is enough for several computers. After other modems, I really like it. We are not going to change it yet. There are also models with built-in Wi-Fi. Very comfortably. Friends were advised - they are also happy.

  • Itself is not fully aware, but it's some Russian provider of 4g Internet! I can not exactly verify it, but it's something like that! himself just from Belarus and when buying a laptop received a gift card Yota and nakleechku on the laptop))

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